Tea Tree Oil: Skin Imperfections Be Gone!


Have you ever looked around your bathroom and realized you are spending a lot of money on acne products that seem to do nothing but dry out your skin and leave it looking lifeless?

All of your friends seem to have glowing, radiant skin, while you constantly struggle with the imperfections that pop up at the worst possible times. You don’t know what to do, what the answer is and why none of your expensive acne products are working… but the wait is over.

We had the opportunity to talk to an Ulta Beauty consultant about the benefits of tea tree oil.

Tea Tree Oil… What is that?

Tea tree oil is natural, affordable, and easy-to-use and it takes away the struggles of having bad skin.

Elyse Roberts, a Prestige consultant at Ulta Beauty says that she would suggest tea tree oil as a natural remedy for the treatment of acne.

“Tea tree oil is an astringent which means it will get all of the dirt, oil, and other gunk out of the skin,” Roberts says.

Where Can You Get This Stuff

In Ulta Beauty there is a section that is full of all-natural products. Roberts emphasized one natural remedy line in particular – the Paul Mitchell face and hair care line simply named, “Tea Tree.”

The tea tree products come in all different sorts. “I am a huge fan of the BB cream,” says Roberts. “BB cream evens out the skin and is more natural looking than heavy foundations.”

“Tea Tree,” along with the BB cream, sells other products such as tea tree-infused body soaps, shampoos and conditioners, clay based blackhead masks and many other items to rejuvenate your skin. “Tea Tree” also carries plain tea tree oil, which is good to apply on your face before you go to sleep, in the morning after a shower, to your laundry to help freshen it and can be used for customizing massages.

The most efficient “Tea Tree” product Roberts suggests for new users is the skin clearing toner; “it absorbs oil without messing up your make up and works all day to keep your skin looking fresh.”

The specific “Tea Tree” products listed above are a beneficial beauty line at Ulta Beauty. Tea tree oil itself can be purchased at almost any store like Walmart, Target and CVS and will be your new friend if you give it a try.

With the rest of the cold weather months ahead of us in this tundra here at Penn State, do not let yourself go another day with one more thing such as acne to hold you back.

Photo credit: Ashley Felice

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