Embrace Your Inner Mermaid

Photo by Stephanie Distasio

Mermaids are real. People can question it, but mermaids are real and we should take a few tips from them. They are everything we should be and it’s about time for some of us to start embracing their inner mermaid. So get ready to dive in head first, embracing your inner mermaid is going to be for the best.

Most of us have gone through the phase in their life where their biggest wish was to be a mermaid. To trade in their legs for fins and to turn their best friend into a talking fish, mermaids lived the life under the sea. And us land people? What do we have? According to Sebastian the crab, we got a lot of sand while they have a hot crustacean band. Not fair right? Well, until the day we can become mermaids, let Valley help you embrace your inner mermaid and feel as connected with the ocean as possible.

First things first, get rid of your watch. Replace it with a shell bracelet. Watches don’t work under water, and telling time is over rated in the mer-world. Time is nonexistent. Okay, maybe that’s an extreme. But, in order to really be connected with your inner mermaid, you must not be worrying about time. That doesn’t mean don’t get your assignments in on time, it just means stop worrying about them. This is easiest to practice on the weekends, take some time to relax and know that you will get your assignments done, it just doesn’t have to be right this very second.

Now that you’re living on mer-people time, it is time for the second part of your inner mermaid that you should embrace. The biggest trait that both the best movie mermaids, Ariel and Aquamarine, possessed was curiosity. They loved to know what new things were and weren’t afraid to find out. That cute boy that they had their eye on? Yup, not afraid to find out about them either. Ask questions and be genuinely interested in something you don’t know about, life gets more interesting with the more you know.

Mermaids are also known for one very important thing. Their hair. Taking care of yourself is something we all know we should do, but do we treat ourselves the way mermaids treat their hair? With love and as if we are the most beautiful thing on this planet? I think most people can’t say they do. Treat yourself to a mud mask, or spend a little extra time doing your makeup just right, just remember that you should be treated and treasured as mermaids treat and treasure their hair.

Lastly, though all of the trait mentioned above are equally important, this trait is going to be the hardest for most people. Mermaids are free spirits. They roam the ocean when they want, they sit on rocks and brush their hair when they want, pretty much whatever they want to do they do it when they want to do it. Being a free spirit is about being independent and not afraid to embrace who you really are. Think of it as letting your color of your tail shine through. If you are a teal color, be teal! Just don’t be afraid of others hating your tail, and mermaids don’t judge like that anyway, so be sure not to judge others as well for being themselves.

So let your hair down and let your true mermaid shine through! Embracing your inner mermaid is something more people should do- regardless if they believe in mermaids or not. But just to be clear, mermaids are real.


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