Spotify Playlists for Every Moment of Your Day

Music can instantly transform your mood, and sometimes all you need is a good song to get your day going! Whether you like hitting the play button as soon as you wake up, or you prefer waiting until your homework session to listen to some tunes, Spotify has the best playlists for every moment of your day.

Waking Up/Morning Routine

Do you wish you could pop out of bed, ready to seize the day? This is the playlist for people who are motivated by loud and energetic music in the morning!

Not a morning person? Maybe you like to start the day slowly. This is a playlist for those of you who want to relax and chill as you get ready for class.

Walk to Class

On mornings when you get an early start and can leisurely walk all the way across campus to your 9 a.m., listen to this playlist as you take in the surroundings and create a positive mindset to start your day off right!

For mornings when you hit snooze one too many times and have to rush past crowds of people to try to make it on time, Spotify has created playlists that are perfect for putting a pep in your step.

Studying (or trying to complete at least one homework assignment)

Whether your go-to study spot is in the busy Hub, or tucked away in the stacks at the library, everyone needs music to tune out the rest of the world and be productive. If you’re just trying to get some homework done, listen to this playlist full of popular songs produced in calming, acoustic variations.

However, if you’re doing some serious studying for finals, Spotify has plenty of playlists designed specifically to help your brain concentrate. Check them out under the “Focus Folder.”

One of VALLEY’s favorite’s is the Lo-Fi Beats playlists. The songs aren’t classical, but instead they offer a nice chill beat to keep in the background as you cram for the big exam.

Working Out

When it’s time to hit the gym, Spotify has you covered. If you’re into hip hop/rap music when exercising, this playlist delivers.

For an alternative to rap, listen to his playlist designed to keep you moving throughout your workout.


Finally, the best part of the day has arrived: time to go out. Whether you want to listen to your current favorite songs or some of your old throwback jams, you and your friends will be hyped for your party after dancing to these two playlists.


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