Your 2020 Spring Break Soundtrack

Image via Unsplash

Here are five playlists to set the mood for your spring break!

Hit the Road…

Headed somewhere by car this break? Listen to some fun childhood throwbacks on the way to your destination!

Fun Fact: The song “Hey There Delilah” was written for a young woman who barely knew (much less had a crush on!) Tom Higgenson, the member of Plain White T’s who wrote the song!

Beach Daze…

Here’s a playlist for lazy days spent out in the sun.

Did you know…There’s an alternate version to the Frights’ song “Tungs”… It’s called “Tongues” and it has the same lyrics, but a much more alternative vibe.

Own the Nightlife

Here are some songs for getting ready for a night on the town.

Fun Fact: Lizzo is a classically trained flautist, and uses her flute skills to bring classical music into her hip hop performances.

C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E Songs

Some beats to help you unwind back at camp or on the beach.

Featuring the classic PSU anthem, “Sweet Caroline”!

R and R

Fun Fact: The music video for “Lilo” features Amber Bain and her real-life ex-girlfriend. It must have taken some guts to film!

VALLEY wishes everyone a fun and safe spring break…see you back in State College next week!


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