Celsius: The Energy You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Celsius is a workout drink that is becoming extremely popular throughout the fitness community. Along with its energy-boosting ingredients, the brand is known to be a healthier version of energy drinks such as Redbull and Monster.


Certain energy drinks are known for having lots of artificial ingredients that end up doing more harm than good for your body. Celsius does not have artificial flavors and instead has green tea extract, guarana extract, and many other flavors that are not as harsh as ones used in other drinks. It is still a drink that should not be consumed in large quantities, but it is perfect for before a workout or in place of your morning coffee.

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Workout Benefits

The benefits of Celsius work through your body while you are working out. Celsius mentions on their website that they conducted a 10-week study where participants drank a Celsius 15-20 minutes before they worked out. The results included things such as a faster metabolism and improved endurance. Not only does it give you the energy boost that you need but it helps you work up to working out easier.

To top it off, the drinks come in many different flavors. They even have a non-carbonated version of the drink in case you don’t like carbonation. Some of the popular flavors include kiwi guava, peach mango, and wild berry. To check out all of the flavors, click here!

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Celsius is the perfect boost of energy that will fuel you before your workout or even just for your day ahead of you. If you decide to try one, let us know what you think by tweeting us, @VALLEYmag, on Twitter.


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