5SOS’s New Album: “CALM” Review

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5SOS has come a long way since their “Amnesia” and “She’s Kinda Hot Tho” days. The Australian band’s latest album, “CALM,” debuted on March 27 and is actually an acronym of the band member’s first names (Callum, Ashton, Luke, Michael). The band has officially moved into a darker sound and abandoned the lighter boy band tunes that you might expect to hear blasting in a Forever 21 dressing room. 

“Red Desert”

This song is the type that would play at the beginning of a coming-of-age indie film featuring the main character with her long hair blowing out of a car window during golden hour.  The protagonist’s friends are in the car, and summer is around the corner. That is the vibe this song gives off. 

“No Shame”

This is such a good song to listen to when you’re getting ready for the day (or for whatever Zoom class you’re sitting in on). The lyrics are also a nod to Hollywood’s toxic culture. The lyrics “Diggin’ my grave to get a reaction, Changin’ my face and calling it fashion” are just one example of how meaningful this song really is.

“Old Me”

This song serves as a testament to the past version of ourselves. It is full of regretful lyrics hidden behind a catchy tune. It is a glance back at the people we used to be when we were younger, while also being grateful that we’re not them anymore.


This song contemplates leaving a toxic relationship and whether it’s even worth it to do so. This is a great song to listen to if you’re cleaning your room. 5SOS also has a version of this song featuring Charlie Puth that’s worth a listen. 


This song talks about struggling with not only a toxic person, but also a toxic mental state. Regardless of its lyrics though, the beat is fast-paced and great to workout to. If you’re looking for a song to add to your workout playlist, this is it. 


This song gives of very strong nostalgia vibes. It’s almost like you’re looking at old photos during the verses, and then the chorus hits and you are suddenly reliving those old memories. This is also a great dance song.

“Best Years”

This is one of the first slower songs in the album. This is the opposite of “Old Me,” and gives a futuristic look at a life with someone. The lyrics talk about giving someone the ‘best years’ in the future. 

“Not in the Same Way”

This song is such a shoutout to those suffering from unrequited feelings. The dark lyrics — much like their other songs — accompany a fast beat. “I love you, you love me but not in the same way,” are just hard-hitting lyrics that everyone can resonate with. 

“Lover of Mine”

This song is another slower one. The lyrics describe being given a second chance with someone they think the world of, and talk about falling in love again. 

“Thin White Lies”

This is another darker song that references a broken heart. The lyrics are honest about not liking who you were during a point in your life and brings a sense of longing for who you used to be. 

“Lonely Heart”

This slow song captures a moment in which someone will do anything to keep someone around. The lyrics almost beg someone to take them back — to give them another shot.


“High” is such a farewell song. It’s directed at someone who you used to love, hoping that they think of you highly even when they’re with someone else. The lyrics, “The picture that you painted of me looks better in your mind,” just shows that maybe the relationship was better on paper than in reality. 

Callum Hood, the band’s bassist, claims that this new album  “is the best representation of who we are, not just as artists, but as people.” Tweet us your thoughts at @VALLEYmag.


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