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laguna_101_stephen6Our Throwback Thursday this week is dedicated to the staple item that ­­­graced our necks every day during our adolescent years: the choker. Choker necklaces seemed to complete every outfit perfectly, especially since they came in multiple colors and designs. Nothing could compare to those sixth grade days when we would don an all-black Juicy sweat suit, Puma crisscross velcro sneakers and the essential black wire choker.

What We Loved

The Options. Whether we were trying to strut a beachy, carefree Kristin Cav style down the middle school halls or a grungy glam look, there was always a choker to top it off.

  • The Wire Choker. The elastic, intricate little necklace was perfect. It was stretchy enough to fit over our head, but elastic enough to form fit to our neck once it was on. And of course it came in only the best color, black. With the wire choker completing the outfit, we could never go wrong.
  • Hot Loops. Hot Loops served an entirely different purpose than the Wire Choker. They were fun, flirty and came in any color or tie-dye combo we could possibly have wanted. Hot Loops were also fun to double up or make weird braided rope-ish things out of… but that’s another story.

Admit It…

We have all been guilty of sporting a choker in a not-so-choker-appropriate situation. This could include a school photo or your grandmother’s birthday. I even knew a girl in high school who wore the Wire Choker to her senior prom. Over-doing the choker was an epidemic, and our beloved pseudo-necklaces went out of style before we knew it.

We do miss them, though, and the certain spunk they would add to our look. RIP choker necklaces, we’ll love you forever.

Photo credit: remotecontrol.mtv.com

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