Vamos! LionChariot Haunted Rides

IMG_8891As a Penn State student, you are no stranger to Vamos! LionChariot rides. Vamos! provides a different way to get around town- by bike. Getting picked up in one of these chariots is the most entertaining way to get around campus and downtown. The friendly and upbeat drivers paired with bumpin’ music makes for a great time. In the spirit of Halloween, Vamos! is changing up their style. We spoke to Todd Miner, the Founder/Owner, to get the lowdown on the spirited new rides.

Q: What is a Vamos! LionChariot Haunted Ride?

A: “These are rides on the north part of campus for about a half hour in length. Typically we start at the Creamery and head down Curtin road. Then we go to some of the parts of north campus that are a little darker. We have the chariot all decked out in all kinds of fun and sort of scary decorations. Some of them are animated, so they could set off when the cart is in motion or if someone claps their hands. We also have some Halloween music that plays while we ride around campus. We would like to have two packaged levels of fright. One is as we described, the other would include a guest-spirited ghost that would stalk us while we are riding around and would pop out in random places to keep things interesting and a bit scarier.”

Q: When is this going on?

A: “Early November, weather permitting based on reservations. You can call us at (814) 404-2782 or send an email to You can also visit We would recommend making a reservation— the earlier the better, because they are half hour rides and we like to leave ten minutes between rides. Try to do it a day or two before the event. If it is a snap decision we can definitely try to accommodate you.”

Q: What about pricing?

A: “Student rates would be $20 for the regular tour and $30 for the spirited stalker ghost tour. Non-student rates would be $30 for regular tour and $40 for the spirited stalker ghost tour.”

Miner added that these rides are, “Just a fun way to get into the holiday spirit. A haunted tour on wheels is different which makes it fun.”

So, book your haunted ride today!

Photo by Natalie Runnerstrom

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