5 Struggles that Only Penn State Students Understand

I would like to preface this article by saying that Penn State University, as we all know, is the greatest school on Earth. We have a pristine campus, some of the most fun bars and the best student section in the Big Ten. What’s not to love? Every great school, however, has its flaws. So, although we LOVE YOU, Penn State, these are the top five things we struggle with.

1. When you have an 8 am in Keller.

This tops our list because there is literally nothing worse than trekking to this building in the morning– Or afternoon– or night. You walk along, thinking to yourself, “Just get to the library and you’ll almost be there.” Then, you get to the library, and realize you are not close. At all. By the time you finally make it there, you’re sweating under your winter jacket. Unlucky for you, the heat is on in your classroom. Have a great day!

2. When a professor schedules an exam for the Monday after a canning weekend.

We understand that they need to stick to a schedule, but we go to Penn State. Isn’t everyone FTK?! There is nothing worse than driving back to school from a canning weekend only to sit in the library for hours.

3. When there is a rager in the HUB that you want no part of.

You only have fifteen minutes to get to your next class. Unfortunately, the quickest way to get from Point A to Point B is through the HUB. You walk in and are immediately hit with loud music, hundreds of students and several people shoving different flyers in your face. We know how you feel. Just keep your head down, and move on.

4. When the CATA buses are filled to brim.

On especially cold/rainy days, grabbing a spot on a CATA bus is not an easy endeavor. You will most likely have to wait more than a few minutes. When you see the first bus roar down the road, you’ll get excited. Don’t. You probably won’t get a spot on the very first one, but maybe the next one. Or the next one. Or…

5. When everyone assumes you want to have an in depth conversation about the scandal.

Whether you have a firm stance on it or not, its usually not the first thing you want to talk about when Penn State is brought up. While the scandal will always be a part of our history, it doesn’t need to be brought up in every conversation with a non-Penn-Stater. WE ARE over it.

Penn State, we still love you. We will always love you. But maybe, just maybe, you could pick Keller building up and move it right next to Thomas. Then we would love you a lot more.

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