The Best Late Night Bites

By now, may have read the “Penn State Eats Here” article in our Fall 2014 print issue. While the restaurants downtown definitely deserve their own bucket list – what about the late night eateries?

So let’s just be honest right from the start and admit that our late night eating habits are still in full swing (for most of us anyway). It’s so hard not to crave a little something when you’re staring blankly at your homework, only pausing to acknowledge that your stomach is counting the five—now six—hours since your last meal.

And we’re here to tell you that you’re in the right place to be hungry late at night.

Here’s a few of our favorite late night places—the places we’re sure will put your hunger to rest…for now.

If you’re hungry for something that will stick to your ribs (and provide leftovers for tomorrow morning), go to: The Diner

If you haven’t had their stickies, you have to know about their late night macaroni and cheese deal.  You can add pretty much whatever you want to their already delicious macaroni and cheese (a personal favorite is chicken and ranch) and the portions are huge.

If you’re hungry for really good meat, go to: Penn Kebab

Tucked away next to Maclanahan’s, Penn Kebab has great meat, slow-roasted on a turning spit and covered with really delicious sauce that, when you’re awake at 1 a.m. coming down from party mode, is everything you could ever ask for. Plus, you get fries. Yes, we said meat. Don’t act like you’ve never had a carnivorous craving, people.

If you’re hungry for the calzone of your dreams, go to D.P. Dough.

It’s always packed, so you might have wanted to avoid it at some point that you actually wanted to go in, but it really is the bomb. It’s a little pricier, we admit, but the size of the calzone is unreal. The best part is that they have at least twenty different solid options. Want a barbecue chicken calzone? You got it. Cheese steak calzone? It’s yours. The sky is the limit.

If you want some legitimate pizza for a few bucks, go to Mama Mia’s.

There are a ton of pizza places in State College. We know that Canyon is a must-try for every single college student. We also know that Gumby’s and Bell’s is close behind. Quite honestly, Mama Mia’s is underrated. Its pizza is so on-point that you’ll forget it was only $2-ish a slice, and yeah, the extra two dollars is worth it.

If you want really greasy Chinese, go to China Dragon.

Yeah, yeah, we know Uncle Chen’s is a hot spot, but we’re not here to tell you what you already know, now are we? China Dragon is also a pretty underrated. It’s just as cheap, and a little better-tasting, but we understand it closes at 10:30, so by all means, feed your demanding craving with Uncle Chen’s. Whatever gets the job done.

If you’re hungry while at the bars, hit up Cafe 210 West.

Two words: skillet fries. They are definitely for sharing, and will hit the spot when you’re out and about, but don’t want to leave the bar. Why choose between two really great things when you can have them both at once?

What are your favorite late-night spots? Let us know in the comment section below!


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