THON 2015: Five Stretches to Ease the Struggle in the Stands

Thousands of us are in the stands right now. Some of us come and go with generous breaks in between, and some of us decide to stay for…well, a long time. Being in the stands is an underrated struggle — you really can’t move much. Sure, you can go take a walk on the concourse, but you can’t spend half your time ditching your org.

So by hour 30, you’re really hurting. You think you have to just fake it till you make it, and that’s half true. If you’re staying to the end, you’ve chosen your battle. But you can make your time in the stands a little easier. Here’s how:

The problem: Your shoulders hurt.
The solution: Scrunch your shoulders hard up to your neck and hold for 5-10 seconds. Feel relief immediately.

The problem: Your feet hurt.
The solution: Grab a tennis ball (there are only a million nearby), take off your shoes one at a time, and roll out each foot on the tennis ball. Ahhhh.

The problem: Your lower back hurts.
The solution: Forward fold slowly and stretch your hands down to the floor. Hold for 5-10 seconds and then roll up, moving slowly. Oh yes.

The problem: Your leg muscles feel tight.
The solution: First, you need a walk. Walk around the BJC leisurely at least once, and before returning to your spot, squat low to the ground and hold for 10-20 seconds. Nice and loose.

The problem: Your head is pounding/your eyes ache from all the craziness.
The solution: Cover your eyes with both palms and press firmly, applying pressure to the sides of your nose, also. Hold for 30 seconds, and release. Liberation!


What are your go-to moves to keep your body in check? Comment below!


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