Gabrielle Herman’s Foundation: For YOUR Glory

Our spring 2015 cover girl’s story is one of loss—both of her father and of herself, but she also gained back strength and support through a variety of activities like working at the Office of Veterans Programs, studying under important mentors and by starting up her foundation, For YOUR Glory.

“I was motivated to start my foundation after a phone conversation with Moné Gill, a young woman my father’s Transitional Patient Advocate [Steve Wilson] asked me to mentor,” Gabrielle says. “We became very close over time, and realized that our stories were very similar. She, too, had lost her father to invisible wounds.”

Gabrielle says that after so many years of feeling misunderstood, it was refreshing to speak to someone who felt the same pain. “Meeting Moné proved that I am not alone in this, or the only one. It happens to plenty, and the thought is just uncomfortable,” Gabrielle says.

Sgt. Richard Herman

Sgt. Richard Herman

As a result of this intense bond, they decided to lay the groundwork to a foundation that would help others like them. On Veteran’s Day 2014, For YOUR Glory was born.

Gabrielle says the purpose of the foundation is mainly to give thanks to those who have served and to acknowledge them as more than just bodies in a war—they are human beings who need just as much emotional support as anyone else.

“The goal is to one day put an end to long-term/extended deployment and a cap on the number of volunteered or required tours served by military personnel,” Gabrielle says.


She also hopes to use the foundation to reach out to family members like her who also need someone to lean on.

“My hope for the future is to see For YOUR Glory as a non-profit organization. I would like to aid soldiers and their families, before it is too late,” Gabrielle says.

If you would like to learn more about For YOUR Glory or donate to the cause, visit