WCW: Our Favorite Boss B*tch Quotes

-TYRA-tyra-banks-29689889-440-330 In today’s society, its easy for us girls to get down on ourselves. We are constantly being compared to celebrities and are in an uphill battle to compete with men. When some of our favorite women in power give us quotes such as the ones listed below, it really helps to boost our self-esteem and motivation.

1. Lauren Conrad
Caller: “What’s your favorite position?”
Lauren: “CEO.”
When Lauren Conrad was featured on a radio show, she was asked this question. She replied in probably the classiest, most professional and all around BOSS way. Lauren successfully resisted sexual harassment, replied quickly and confidently, and kept her cool. Props to you, LC, you truly are a boss.

2. Tyra Banks
“You have what it takes to be a victorious, independent, fearless woman.”
Tyra Banks, famous supermodel and host of America’s Next Top Model, has always been a strong advocate for feminism. This quote embodies that. It is especially important that this comes from a supermodel. She is sure to empower all women, telling us that we don’t need to be 6’2” and 98 pounds to be successful.

3. Meryl Streep
“My Advice: Don’t waste so much time worrying about your skin or your weight. Develop what you do, what you put your hands on in the world.”
Meryl Streep, a goddess among men, tells us all what we’ve always wanted to hear. Women these days are constantly being put under pressure from the media to look and act a certain way. It can be stressful to try and keep up with societal standards. Streep’s quote tells us to take a step back and focus on the things in life that are truly important. Our waist size isn’t one of those things.

4. Emma Watson
“If I was going to be a princess, I would be a warrior princess, definitely.”
Emma Watson is a truly inspirational young lady. She has long been an advocate for gender equality, most notably admitting that feminism is not about hating men. Watson’s quote shows that not all women are to be delicate and powerless.

5. Adele
“It’s never been an issue for me – I don’t want to go on a diet, I don’t want to eat a Caesar salad with no dressing, why would I do that? I ain’t got time for this, just be happy and don’t be stupid.”
Adele puts it plain and simply- just be happy and don’t be stupid. In a world where young women are constantly comparing themselves to models and eating disorders are running rampant, we need women in positions of power to bring us back to reality. Celebrities are not perfect and it is not healthy to model ourselves off of them.


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