Happy Pets, Happy Mind… Happy Pet Photos!

By now you’ve had a chance to get a copy of our Fall 2014 issue – and had a chance to see the adorable puppy photos with the article “Happy Pets, Happy Mind”. Because we can’t get enough of the cuteness, we asked a few of our staff members to share photos of their furry – and scaly – best friends. We dare you to not say, “awww!”

Kasey Lam - Enzyme

Kasey Lam’s dog, Enzyme. Her parents, who are scientists, gave him the name!

Leah Polakoff - Teddy

Editor-in-Chief Leah Polakoff’s dog, her “teddy bear”, as a little puppy 12 years ago. DOESN’T IT MAKE YOUR HEART MELT. 

Julia Hummel - Bella

Julia Hummel’s pup, Bella, living the life with treats and a ride.

EricaKasan - Leo - Nittany Lion

Valley Vids Director Erica Kasan’s little Nittany Lion, Leo. Roaaaaaar!


Our Design Director Kailyn Moore’s pup is a star!

Kacie Iwasyk - Murphy

Never fear, Kacie Iwasyk’s pup Murphy is here!

Emily Keifline - Pete

Oh poor thing! Emily Keifline’s kitty, Pete, at 5 weeks with a broken leg. That cast is almost as big as he is!

NatashaTereschak - Noel


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Noel… Happy birthday to Campus Culture Editor Natasha Tereschak’s party pup!

Samantha Strebel - Lucky

Samantha Strebel’s dog, Lucky. LOOK AT THAT FACE.

TaylorFowler - Ellie


Seriously, LOOK AT THESE FACES. Taylor Fowler’s wiener dog, Ellie, loves the camera!

MargaretO'Brien - Casey - cavapoo

Need we say it a third time? THAT. FACE. Margaret O’Brien’s  8-yr-old “cavapoo” (Cavalier King Charles spaniel and poodle mix), Casey!


Rachel Kline’s pups, Elf and Stanley, love a good tongue loll – and a good roll around in the grass!

Katie Levine’s dogs Bear and Riley. With a puppy photo that cute, we just couldn’t choose one for her so cool husky!

Photographer Meghan Tranauskas takes the prize however for the biggest brood and most photographic pets, Cosmo, Charlie, Emily, Leonie, Grubby!


We want to see photos of your pets! Share photos of your furry friends by tweeting at us on Twitter @ValleyMag.

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