TBT: MySpace

originalThis week’s TBT goes out to the original Facebook. MySpace was the social media of 7th grade, the place to see who your ex’s Top 8 friends were and the reason our GPA’s went downhill after 6th grade. MySpace taught us how to stage the perfect mirror shot and how liking other people’s photos would get us 162 likes of our own. Thanks to you, MySpace, we were pros at Facebook before it even came out.

What We Loved

Myspace, unlike Facebook, allowed us to change the themes and layouts of our personal pages. For those of us who went through the emo-but-still-girly phase in middle school, we can remember posting pictures of Ryan Scheckler and captioning each photo, “rawr”. Others who were heavily obsessed with Stephen Colletti may have had Hillary Duff’s “Coming Clean” blasting on their page. No matter our preference, MySpace was there to help us express ourselves via social media. There is something oddly nostalgic about accessing our old pages and seeing the posts and comments from middle school. There is also something insanely embarrassing about it. Personally, I will never be able to look at an old mirror shot and not cringe. In life, people are meant to move on. Which is why Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook.

Admit It…

The Top 8 feature was both a curse and blessing. On one hand, we could show off to the world who our absolute besties were. Right after our boyfriend, of course. On the other hand, getting taken off a Top 8 list was the worst feeling in the world (not that it would happen to any of us). Watching our ex-boyfriend replace us with his guy friends was heart wrenching. Good thing we were only 14 years old.

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