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JessiKorch_FashionBooksAs winter quickly approaches and temperatures continue to drop, many people find themselves caught inside, wondering what to do. On those chilly fall days grab a blanket, some hot chocolate and cozy up with a good fashion book. If you’re looking for some fashion advice on style or how to become successful in such a competitive industry, Valley has the perfect books for you.

“Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible”

From New York Times bestselling author, Project Runway mentor and chief creative officer of Liz Claiborne, Tim Gunn breaks down every item in your closet and the history behind them. Ever wonder how togas or high heels came about? Fashion expert Gunn has all the answers as he explores the meaning and significance behind the clothes and accessories inside America’s closets. 

“The Gospel According to Coco Chanel”

Who doesn’t want life lessons from the world’s most elegant woman? “The Gospel According to Coco Chanel” takes the reader into the phenomenal life of the notorious French designer, Coco Chanel. This book hits on several themes relating to Chanel’s philosophical views on the subjects such as style, passion, money, success and femininity. Growing up in the 1880s certainly wasn’t the easiest of lifestyles, but Chanel didn’t let that stop her from self-invention and becoming one of the greatest and most renowned fashion designers of all time.                                                                                                  

“Lauren Conrad Style”

Everyone needs a little bit of the charming Lauren Conrad in their life, especially since we no longer have The Hills to look forward to. From her classic yet modern style, Conrad, New York Times bestselling author, breaks down her style and makes it easy for the everyday person to adjust their wardrobes to add some of Conrad’s classic flare. Conrad gives readers a variety of advice from shopping for vintage pieces to hair and beauty advice. After reading this book, you’ll be able to have that effortlessly chic look every day, whether it’s going to class or going out with friends.

“Style A to Zoe” 

Rachel Zoe, Hollywood’s most glamorous stylist, lives a life that many can only dream of. From designing her own clothing line, to styling celebrities to living that luxury lifestyle, Zoe shares with her readers the classic wardrobe staples that are must haves. She also enlightens readers on certain items in your closet in which to either splurge or save on. And for all of you world travelers out there, Zoe also explains how to pack in style.

“If You Have to Cry, Go Outside”

We all know the fashion industry is extremely competitive and for the most part you need thick skin to compete in such an industry. Kelly Cutrone, founder and CEO of the PR firm People’s Revolution, expresses her personal life stories after working in the industry. Cutrone, Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port’s boss on The Hills, reveals her secrets on how to become successful and gives brutal yet candid career advice to young women.

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