TBT: Laguna Beach

main281Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams…”

This Thursday we’re throwing it back to the most exciting weekly occurrence of our high school days: Laguna Beach. When Hillary Duff’s “Coming Clean” started to play, we all got butterflies in our stomachs, grabbed our flip phones to text our besties during commercials and made sure there would be no parents interrupting our favorite show.

What We Loved

Love Triangles: Whether it was the Stephen/Kristin/LC trio or the Jason/Jessica/LC trio, we were in love with the drama of wondering which girl would be chosen. LC was somehow always involved. Kristin was the obvious choice when it came to Stephen, as LC was his back-burner-best-friend girl. It was a little pathetic, but we still felt bad for her. Bad Boy Jason turned it all around, though.  Somehow Kristin’s memorable line, “Jessica, Jason is cheating on you” didn’t resonate well enough, as Jessica kept going back for more. In the end, we loved the LC and Jason combo – except when he was being mean to her (which was almost always).

Admit It:

Every girl who ever watched Laguna has definitely talked to their best friends about it, saying, “They should totally film our high school. We could definitely have our own reality show and I think people would, like, actually watch it!” If we’re being honest with ourselves, most of us are nowhere near as wealthy, effortlessly attractive or dramatic as the teens from Laguna. Looking back now, it is clear that these teens were the only ones who could pull the show off. Especially since it tanked Season 3 when our favorite characters went to college (and we never really got over it).

Memorable Quotes

Kristin Cavallari: “Ste-pheeeeeeeeennnnnn!!!!!”

Talan Torriero: “I don’t LOVE you… I L-U-V you.”

Kristin Cavallari: “My car is DUNZO!!” 

Jen Bunny: “Hey Lauren, what comes before Part B?”
Lauren Conrad: “Part A?…. Ohhhh!”

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