Best Apps To De-Stress

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Now that second semester is finally in full swing, Valley understands that along with the constant struggle to run from Thomas to Willard in time for class, the amount of homework, tests and essays now being assigned is nothing less than stressful.

While you may not always be able to skip class, go back to your dorm, and binge watch Netflix to relieve your anxiety, you would be surprised to know that there are a variety of apps available to download on your phone that can help calm the spring semester butterflies. Valley found the best free apps to help you de-stress, anytime and anywhere.

Hear and Now: Breathe for Stress and Anxiety Relief

Hear and Now is an app built to help track your mind and body’s stress level. Within the app, you can rate your stress, set daily reminders to help you focus and partake in deep breathing exercises. The app also uses your camera in order to flash light as a heart rate monitor.

According to BioBeats, the creator of the app, “When negative stress takes hold, it’s hard to focus on what’s going on around you. Hear and Now helps you take control of your stress, allowing you to become more relaxed and effective.”

Yoga for Beginners: Meditation Relax Stress Relief

If you are a yoga lover, or if you just have a few extra minutes in your day, try this app for daily yoga moves and tips. Yoga can help relax the muscles, calm the nerves and relieve any stress through the deep breathing exercises that come along with the poses. Don’t worry if you are not a yoga pro; the app comes with a beginners guide and video lessons to help you become an expert!

There is also a weight log located in the app where you can track your progress throughout your journey.

Motivational Quote: New Motivational Quotes Daily

Stress got you down? With the Motivational Quote app, you can read inspiring quotes that are meant to empower and spark a feeling of “I can do this,” throughout the day. If you go into the app settings, you are able to send push notifications that will allow a new quote to pop up on your lock screen every day as a constant reminder that you can push pass your anxiety. If the quote really motivates you, the app allows you to share it on your social media accounts for all your friends and family to read.

Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds, White Noise, and Fan

Various studies have shown that listening to the soft, ocean waves or the light trickle of rain can reduce stress and help regulate breathing. While this app was made as a sound machine to help you fall asleep, it can also be useful when walking to class. Plug in your headphones, pick one or multiple sounds that you find completely relaxing and take your time strolling to your next class.


While pretty much everyone on this planet uses Pinterest for looking up recipes, exploring new hairstyles or researching DIY’s, the app can also be great for aimless stress relief. Pinterest is great for just getting your mind off of the anxiety and focusing on something else. Anything you could possibly be interested in is on this wonderful app.

Next time you feel worried about that presentation or stressed about a mid-term, try one or more of these apps to alleviate your anxiety and seize the day.


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