From Valley Girl To Runway Girl: NYC Fashion Week 2013

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 5.16.59 PMThe week that all us fashionistas have been waiting anxiously for finally arrived— the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City. The showcasing of the spring and summer 2014 collections began on September 5, and is poised to finish off with a bang on September 12.

Over the summer I had the amazing opportunity to intern in the fashion department of Marie Claire. After hard work, passion and commitment, the fashion assistant asked me to come back to work fashion week. What’s a four-hour drive, anyway? I jumped in my car this past weekend and was on my way to pursue one of my biggest career experiences yet.

Fashion week begins with lesser-known and newer designers, and each day the shows gets more high-end. Of course, editors go to the best shows of the day, but interns have the opportunity to attend shows on behalf of the editors who can’t.

Personally, I was excited to be in New York for Fashion Week in the first place. The fact that I was lucky enough to watch three fashion shows and a presentation was an opportunity I’m so thankful for. I went to the Sally Lapointe, Son Jung Wan and Tracy Reese fashion shows, as well as the Gregory Parkinson presentation.


Editors and bloggers were taking over social media – from tweets to Instagram videos – to show off the trends of each runway, and the celebrities they spotted (for example, Rita Ora at DKNY, or Nicki Minaj and Rihanna at Alexander Wang). Fashion Week really encouraged the use of social media, by providing a huge poster of all the hashtags and usernames of the designers at the main entrance of Lincoln Center.

Popular trends on the runway were minimalism and graphic/geometric floral prints. Keep an eye out for gladiator sandals and funky accessories, too. The styles showcased by fashion week designers will have an impact on the clothing in downtown State College come spring,

While the collections that have been showcased are now online, not all collections have been showcased just yet. Vogue and are great sites to get your fashion fix.


Even if you have yet to go to fashion week, or you’re not Anna Wintour, fashion is for everyone. Thanks to the Internet, we have all the newest trends available at our fingertips. Now we just have to wait until these styles become available to buy…the wait is on.

Photos provided by Erica Kasan


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