The Best YouTube Channels and Podcasts on Money, Love and Productivity

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Is anyone else just filling their day scrolling away on TikTok and aimlessly watching Youtube or Netflix? Just checking…

Taking some extra time to fuel your boredom with quick videos and entertainment is really beneficial for your mental health. However, since we are spending less time in class and more time with screens, it can be refreshing to take a break from just watching “entertaining” content.

There are plenty of content creators that strive to create different content for a variety of interests. From love and relationship advice to becoming a millionaire, there are some really inspiring podcasts and Youtube videos out there that you can actually get something out of.


Graham Stephan – Youtube Channel

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Stephan is a Real Estate Agent and a Youtuber, who happens to also be a millionaire…at 29. Crazy, right?! In his videos he gives his insight on how to manage your money — and maybe even become a millionaire in your 20s, as well!

Planet Money – Podcast

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NPR’s “Planet Money” is a great podcast on the logistics of all things money. The podcast touches on recent subjects and the economic side of things. If you’re looking for a better understanding of what is going on in our world in terms of money, you should definitely check out this podcast.

The Financial Diet – Youtube Channel by Chelsea Fagan

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This channel really has it all. Fagan gives her advice on day-to-day things to help you live a more cost-efficient life, along with some advice soon-to-be college grads. A good thing about her channel is that her videos range from 5 minutes to 60 minutes, so you are bound to find a video that fits in between your Zoom classes.  


Dying for Sex – Podcast

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Podcasting company Wondery’s “Dying for Sex” is an awesome love and relationship advice show. Hosts Nikki Boyer and Liz Dolan focus their podcast on the sole topic of love. Although the title has to do with sex, the show touches on other aspects of the world of dating. The only downside is that this podcast is quite new (there’s only 10 episodes!) but that means that there will be more future content to be on the lookout for.

Love Advice TV – Youtube

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This channel actually doesn’t have just one “host,” but it offers relationship advice videos from an array of people. A lot of the episode titles are actual questions sent in by followers so if you have a specific question, it’ll be easy to find. The videos share advice from relationship experts and are only 5 minutes long, which is super convenient to fit into any schedule.


TED Talks – Youtube

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TED Talks have always been really fun and a good source of gaining information without feeling bored. The TED Talks Youtube channel has a bunch of videos that can inspire you to be a better version of yourself. You can spend hours on this channel and learn about a new topic every time, all while improving yourself. Not to mention the TED Talks might just make you close your laptop and try to rule the world!

Gals on the Go – Podcast by Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio

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Youtube stars-turned-podcasters Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio host this popular podcast that helps listeners structure their lives in a more productive way. Gals on the Go has episodes to help you lead a more productive and time-efficient life as a college student — Carolan is currently in college and Miccio graduated last year. They also even have a merch shop if you really get into the show. One of the best parts of the podcast is their banter that’s sure to make you laugh.

Career and Post-Grad

Career Talks – Podcast by Stephanie Dennis

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Career Talk has 147 episodes to benefit you as a college student, thanks to career coach Stephanie Dennis. This podcast is crafted to help college students figure out their degree and what to do afterward in the “real world.” What is really nice about this podcast is that Dennis doesn’t focus on just one single major but general topics that any college grad can benefit from.

General Knowledge

The Journal. – The Wall Street Journal & Gimlet podcast

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Although it may seem a little corny, general knowledge is really good to have in your back pocket. In college, we acquire all sorts of information that may seem stupid at the time, but always seem to come in handy. This podcast from the Wall Street Journal has 23-minute rundowns on a new topic. You’ll be the queen bee of random information after listening to “The Journal.”

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