I’m Into It! with Keaton Milburn

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It seems that after the rise of Call Her Daddy, we have all officially hopped on the podcast bus, and VALLEY has found your next favorite subscription. “I’m Into It! with Keaton Milburn”, is the perfect addition to queue up on your playlist, offering a relatable and big sister voice to listen to while in this drastically different, and somewhat scary, semester of college. 

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You may know the host of “I’m Into It”, Keaton Milburn, as the well-known Youtuber with almost half a million subscribers and a super aesthetic Instagram feed. After starting her channel in 2012, she began to gain her following as she took us along with her through different experiences at her college, Arizona State University.

In these videos, she offered advice to girls going through similar college-related things like getting ready for class, a sorority recruitment and game day vlogs. From the start of her Youtube channel, Keaton has always been known to be extremely candid about different her experiences all while sharing motivating “day in the life” vlogs, and inspiring fashion/beauty videos too. 

Photo from @kkeeaattoonn on Instagram

Since recently graduating college last Spring, she has become a role model figure who continues to provide relatable insights on topics most relevant to her following, so it only makes sense that she started a podcast that does exactly that. “I’m Into It! with Keaton Milburn” which aired back in February, is described as a podcast that allows Keaton to elaborate more on all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle accompanied by Keaton’s personal opinions and tips on the topics.

“I’m Into It” got its name because every episode of the podcast begins with Keaton mentioning current things that she is into (hence the name) and a couple of things she is not. These intros allow for a lot of relatability with the audience since often listeners are going through similar things that are being mentioned. 

Photo from @kkeeaattoonn on Instagram

VALLEY knows how difficult it can be to find your stride or deal with relationship issues, and luckily Keaton has your back. So far, podcast topics have included everything from creating healthy relationships, dealing with jealousy and loneliness to gaining self-love.

Throughout the episodes, Keaton shares personal antidotes along with her solutions to the topics mentioned. Regardless of the topic, the tone set in every podcast is one of positivity, understanding and empowerment which everyone deserves to feel, especially through these unique times. 

Listen to “I’m Into It! with Keaton Milburn” wherever you listen to your podcasts! 



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