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Navigating the life of independence at Penn State can be hard, especially if you’re a freshman or just new to campus. While many find it incredibly frustrating when a parent won’t stop pointing out the growing responsibilities that come with adulthood, those reminders become something to miss when they finally come to an end. Without a parent giving loving (and sometimes overbearing) reminders, things can more easily slip the mind. But as we enter this next period of life, we must also evolve.

Part of this newfound adulthood may come with a fresh chapter of goals. Finding the best places to achieve them is a crucial step to not only making Penn State feel like home, but also to your own personal improvement. Whether it’s working out, getting your desired grades or anything in between, you’ll need your go-to places to reach those goals. Don’t worry, VALLEY’s got you covered! Here are some of the best hidden (and some not-so-hidden) on-campus gems to help you find your groove.

Elixir Coffee Roasters

There’s something about having a go-to coffee shop that can make any place feel like home. This comfy-chic coffee shop is the perfect place to study or to grab that over-priced latte you may be craving with a friend. If you’re part of the “fifteen minutes outside of Philly” community at Penn State, you may recognize this place. They have multiple locations in Philadelphia, one in Nashville and now State College! With all your favorite coffee and specialty drinks, as well as a delicious selection of pastries, this place is a must-try. (Insider tip: VALLEY is a sucker for a good blueberry muffin!)

HUB-Robeson Center

While the student union may seem like an obvious pick, the HUB is a one-stop shop for most of your needs — food, bookstore, coffee! You may even stumble upon an impromptu concert performed by a student-formed band while you enjoy a quick lunch between classes! You never know what you’ll find, but one thing that’s for sure is the people; so many people. With a little trial and error, you can find your HUB sweet spot during the day and at night which can be perfect for studying!

Downtown Starbucks

This may be an obvious one, but who doesn’t love Starbucks? Unlike the other locations around campus, the downtown Starbucks on Garner Street has an upstairs lounge that’s perfect for doing work or catching up with a friend. Stop in for your favorite mid-week pick-me-up and a nice change of scenery from your normal no-campus study spots!

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Intramural Building

Working out in a big gym and having to navigate through a sea of avid gym-goers and girls inexpensive workout sets, can be a little nerve-wracking or just all-around unenjoyable. But no need to fear, the IM building provides a ton of intimidation-free workout classes that range from yoga to cycling! It’s perfect for beginners looking to work toward their new fitness goals.

Yoga Lab

If you’re looking to explore the mind, body and soul, Yoga Lab could be the place for you! Yoga is a great way to get in a good work out or to relax your mind and meditate. If you want a more serious class than at the IM building or are a beginner looking for a studio, look no further!

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