Five Areas Of Your Life You Need To Set Goals In

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You may have heard the saying, “Getting started is always the hardest part.” Truly, it speaks for itself. It’s like writing an essay for that one class you hate. Opening up your laptop is the hardest part, but once you get going, the rest is easy. In other words, planning is doing and doing is always better than saying. It’s important to understand the value of setting goals in your life and the ripple effect it has. Essentially, it’s all about self regulation: using the power of your mind to stay motivated and turning what you want to do into into a reality.

Below are five areas of life VALLEY suggests you set goals in and carry them out with confidence!

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As college students, you may feel like you are under constant demand. It seems like once an assignment is finished, a new one appears out of thin air. In order to navigate through all this chaos and stay on top of schoolwork, you need to set objectives that will result in academic success.

Goal One: Work Smarter Not Harder

With a workload that seems everlasting, you need to decipher what’s important and how you can accomplish it in a timely fashion. Try to avoid multitasking. As humans, we’re technically not able to multitask. Sure you can try it, but, it’s just not an effective way of learning or getting things done. Strategize the way you complete your work. Group similar tasks together and take small breaks to foster motivation!

Goal Number Two: Networking

College is a great time to network. Use this time wisely to create good relations with everyone you know. You’d be surprised at how many connections people have to others. It’s especially important to network within your major or desired career path. Set a goal to have good relations with your professors and be adamant about updating and refining your LinkedIn profile.

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Self-care is something a lot of people tend to brush under the rug. When, in actuality, it’s something we should prioritize. Taking days to focus on yourself ultimately sets the tone of who you are as a person. The phrase, “You are your home,” is the best way to stay mindful about how you treat yourself.

Goal One: Develop a Healthy Sleep Schedule

The older you get, the time to sleep seems to become more scarce. Things pile up and inevitably work becomes more important than sleep. Getting a proper amount of sleep will improve your health overall and make your days a lot less groggy. It’s easy to stay up and binge your favorite series, but having a full night’s rest will benefit you in the long run. So, set a strict bedtime and stick to it.

Goal Two: Take a Phone Cleanse

With the heavy presence of social media, it can be exhausting being fed other people’s lives every day. Unfortunately social media and phone use in general has taken away the value of being present. When you’re instantly transformed into a tiny world on our screens, you forget to remember the bigger picture. Picking one day in the week to decrease your screen time and use of social media is the best form of self-care.

Goal Three: Plan for a Sick Day

It’s never easy to accept defeat. But, after all, we are only human and over working yourself can do more harm than good. Knowing when to throw in the towel and take that sick day you so desperately need acts as a chance for revival. Use that sick day as a tool to regain all the energy you lost trying to do the impossible.

Mental Health
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Mental health should always come first. It helps how we handle and stabilize emotionally charged events. Having good mental health or knowing when you need to improve it directly effects the quality of your life. It’s essential to know that life is never constant, but a series of ups and downs. It’s matter of making healthy choices for your mind to protect yourself in the long run.

Goal One: The 72-hour Rule

Relationships with others is hard. When conflict arises with a person that’s close to you, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and stressed. With that said, you should never act on emotions. Lots of times our emotional judgments may be clouded when we are overwrought with tons of feelings. It can make us do things we could possibly regret. The 72- hour rule, says that you should control those emotions for three days. Slowly, as each day passes, you’ll notice the issue will bother you less and less. However, if it still does bother you after those three days, address the problem and you will be in a more rational mindset to solve it.

Goal Two: A Podcast a Day…

Podcasts can be a great tool when you need advice for something really specific. Like really specific. Luckily, you can find a podcast for just about anything: relationship advice, motivation, sports and the list goes on and on! Additionally, they can provide comfort. Sometimes, it feels as if you’re talking to a friend, without even speaking. They’re great to listen to before bed, on walks or to simply take your mind off things.

Goal Three: Strive for Exercise

Exercise is the a great form of therapy. Staying active is a helpful way to improve your mental health. Simple things like walking with a friend, yoga or even a quick at-home workout video can do the work. All of these options will improve your mood and give you a nice boost of energy to conquer the day. Talk to a family member or friend who goes to the gym or exercises regularly, and they may tell you that fitness really does heal.

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Remaining financially stable in college is one of the hardest things students face. It’s a perpetual cycle of deciding if that pumpkin-scented candle is really worth it to buy at Target and wanting to save your money for essentials. However, having a healthy balance in finance is paramount to avoid overspending.

Goal One: Create a Budget Sheet

Stay on top of your expenses by downloading a budget sheet! There are tons of different sheets you can print that align with what places you spend your money most. This can prevent overspending from occurring and keeps your finances organized and in check.

Goal Two: Needs vs. Wants

Deciphering between your needs and wants is essential for managing your spending. Knowing exactly what you need for the week versus what you want will help with your budgeting. Each week allow yourself one “want.” It can be anything from your go-to coffee order or even takeout from your favorite restaurant. But use your “want” wisely. It’s best for when you’re having a bad day and need a little pick-me-up.

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Goal One: Make an effort To check In on Your Friends/Loved Ones

Checking in on family and friends is something that’s so easy and means the world to them. As much as we are involved in our loved one’s lives, we still don’t know a lot of things that go on behind the scenes. Checking in regularly really shows you care. Nothing feels better than having support, so at the end of the day, be that friend.

Goal Two: Pick a Day for You and a Friend

Choose one day per week where you spend time with a friend. This can be doing something small like getting coffee, a lunch date, watching a movie or catching up. Just enjoying each other’s company is a great way to strengthen your social life.

Goal Three: Balance is Key

Make sure your life doesn’t consist of work, work and more work. You need to go out and enjoy the things that make you happy! Balance isn’t easy, but it’s possible if you work really hard at it. It’s also extremely rewarding in the end. Your happiness comes first so make sure to make time doing the things you love.

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