Become “That Girl” in 2022: Your Resolutions Are Here to Stay

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It’s mid-January, which means you might be forgetting about your New Year’s resolutions. 

New Year’s resolutions are an inspiring concept. They motivate people to seize the moment and create the best version of themselves possible, but the goals themselves are almost always forgotten. Psychology Today found that 80-90% of resolutions fail by the end of January. “The novelty of the new year wears off,” says VALLEY’s Mason Shaffer. 

A survey conducted by VALLEY found that Penn State students’ top resolutions were centered around improving self-confidence and making choices that make them happier.

TikTok self-help coaches and influencers have been bringing hope that these resolutions will finally stick in 2022, sharing the joys of being “That Girl,” and manifesting their best year yet. 

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Several self-help influencers have given the same piece of advice when it comes to improving your confidence: Do something that scares you, even if it’s something as simple as texting your crush.

Improving the quality of your life in 2022 doesn’t imply that you must completely change everything about your life and who you are.

Self-care TikToker Katelynn Nolan’s first piece of advice as to what habit made her feel like ‘That Girl” was simply making her bed every morning.

Nolan emphasizes how finding maintainable and enjoyable habits will lead you to achieve your goals and sustain your motivation. Small victories are important to celebrate, too.

“Realize that nobody is thinking about you as deeply as you think they’re thinking about you,” says influencer Lauren Tiby to her TikTok followers. “Literally do positive affirmations, look in the mirror and find small things that you like about yourself, whether it’s your personality, your eyes, your hair, like anything, and keep reminding yourself.”

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The phrase “fake it ’til you make it” can only go so far. “This isn’t a one-time thing,” says TikToker Sahar Dali. If your goal is to increase your self-confidence, you need to make a lifestyle change — do things that a confident person would do and continue to show up as them.

A lifestyle change is necessary for healthy-decision making as well, and it can actually start small. 

Intuitive eating coach Sarah Randall tells her audience that they should start thinking about their “future self” as the person they are tomorrow rather than in five years. 

She asks, “Will (you) be happy that (you) stayed up to watch an extra episode on TV tonight? No. Will (you) be happy that you read in bed instead of scrolling through social media? Yes.” 

Just one smart decision made can change the trajectory of the day. Sticking to goals oriented around a morning routine can make it easier to get out of bed and go into the day with confidence and inspiration. Think of your goals one day at a time and 2022 will be your best year yet.



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