Preparing Your Mental Health For The Upcoming Season

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Seasonal depression and anxiety during the cold months are very real. Living in a state with all four seasons can be great, but when the snow starts to fall and the sun goes away, many people start to wish they lived in the tropics. Don’t worry, VALLEY has your back in preparing your health, both physically and mentally. Keep reading to hear our tips on how to approach the cold while being your best self!

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The cold months can be a time where all you want to do is crawl into bed for the day and watch a movie. As much as that sounds appealing for a daily routine, it is hurting your mental health more than you think. Cultivating a routine can actually help with seasonal change and is known to reduce stress levels. Routines help with productivity, which results in a feeling of accomplishment. Feeling accomplished after doing your daily routine is better than feeling unproductive after a day of sleep. It is true that everyone needs a relaxing day, but creating healthy habits is so important.

Some ideas that can easily be added to your fall and winter routine are meditation, short yoga sessions or even just making your bed in the morning. It takes time to create a new routine so starting small is always a good thing.

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How Plants Can Heal

One thing that has been known to increase happiness and actually decrease stress is having plants in your environment. Whether you live in an apartment or dorm, plants will brighten your mood even if it is as small as a succulent. Having some sort of life in your environment, especially when it is dreary out, will only make you feel better. You never know, maybe taking care of the plant can become a part of your daily routine!

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Journal Your Way Through The Cold

Journaling can be key to keeping your mental state sane. Journaling has so many different options and prompts. If you are stuck on where to start, try gravitating towards gratitude journals or mood journals. Starting small never hurts and once it becomes routine, you can start to incorporate other ideas into it as well. If you want to start as soon as possible, check out these self-love prompts from Pinterest!

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The changing of seasons can be hard. Know that you are not alone; there are so many ways to help you enjoy the fall and winter and keep yourself happy. VALLEY has your back! If you end up trying any of the ideas listed above tweet us, @VALLEYmag, and let us know how they are helping you.



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