How to Make The Most of Social Distancing

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Being stuck inside can cause one to feel uninspired, unmotivated and simply put: bored. All the extra time on our hands in the midst of all the craziness of the world right now can be overwhelming, but VALLEY has some tips on how to make your time in quarantine one of self-improvement and growth.

Here’s our tips on how to make the most of social distancing:

Get Active

Remaining active during this time will help your body and mind feel more at ease. Work up a sweat with a variety of different at-home workouts, such as HIIT and pilates.

Also, use this time to take advantage of the countless free workouts posted on YouTube and Instagram, and find out which workout ritual works best for you. If you’re aiming for a more low-intensity activity, try to do yoga or go for a walk outdoors (while staying away from others of course).

Ease Your Mind

Practicing mindfulness and remaining grateful during this time of uneasiness is essential for your mental health. Mediation and breathing exercises are great to add to your daily quarantine routine, plus there’s a variety of apps and videos to help guide you through them. Check out some of our favorite mental health apps here.

Journaling is another beneficial activity to pick up to remain mindful. Try to make time to write down things you are grateful for everyday, or even just your thoughts in general.

Try New (and Old) Recipes

Now is the perfect time to cook homemade meals such as baked goods and sweets or savory salads and pasta dishes. Pinterest is the perfect place to get some new inspiration for recipes, so start a board and pin some of your favorites that you want to try.

If you’re more of a visual learner, there are countless recipes on sites like YouTube where you can see the meals made step-by-step. While this is a great time to try out new dishes, making old favorites can help you feel nostalgic.

Cherish Relationships

It’s hard to go a long time without seeing friends or loved ones, so make an effort to cherish those you are quarantined with and stay in touch with those you can’t see physically. Group video calls with family members or friends is a great way to see each other and spend some quality time together virtually.

With those whom you are quarantined with, try to do things together you can all enjoy, such as watching feel-good movies or playing board and card games.

Read Up

With the extra free time on our hands, getting in some personal reading is easier than ever. If you enjoy reading an actual book, rather than one on an electronic platform, stores like Amazon and Barnes and Noble are still able to deliver books right to your door.

For the fiction lovers, VALLEY suggests reading “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens and “Little Fires Everywhere” by Celeste Ng. Self-help books are also a great read, some of VALLEY’s favorites are “Get Out of Your Head” by Jennie Allen and “Girl, Stop Apologizing” by Rachel Hollis.

Spring Clean

Though our day-to-day reality has drastically changed, spring cleaning is still in full effect. While cleaning the surfaces of your home or apartment is essential right now, going through and organizing your belongings is a great way to make your space feel less cluttered.

A deep clean is perfect to start the new season and make your home feel extra tidy. Go through your closet and create donation piles of unwanted belongings, organize the set up of your room and go through the pantry or fridge and organize/throw away expired foods.


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