The Corona Diet: Immunity Boosting Foods to Stay Healthy This Spring

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Everywhere we turn, the coronavirus — aka COVID-19 — seems to be the most popular topic of discussion. While there’s a lot of emphasis on cleaning your home and virtually everything you come in contact with, it’s also important to start from the inside, with what you’re eating.

The Cult-Favorite Immunity Booster

If you’ve found yourself drinking Emergen-C at the slightest sign of a cold, you’ve already felt the benefits of loading up on vitamin C to reduce symptoms or possibly even stop the illness all together.

Obtaining vitamin C from citrus fruits such as oranges, tangerines and grapefruits is an easy and healthy way to strengthen your immune system and fight off any illnesses that may come your way.

Eat Your Greens!

Your mom was right all of those years when she nagged you to eat green things, in particular: spinach and broccoli.

Spinach is packed with a long list of antioxidants, as well as beta carotene, which strengthens and improves the infection fighting parts of the immune system. Broccoli is also packed with key vitamins, particularly A, C and E, all of which provide immune support.

It is also key when working with vegetables in particular to not cook them too much, as most nutrients are retained in the raw form. While a little heat won’t hurt, it’s best to eat veggies raw to get the most benefit.

Protein + Probiotics

We’ve all heard that most low-fat yogurts are a pretty good source of protein, but that’s only the beginning of the disease-fighting elements this popular snack carries.

Probiotics, which are commonly found in yogurt and other fermented products, can regulate gut health by assisting in removing toxins from the body. Less toxins mean an overall healthy system, which is the ideal defense against illnesses and viruses.

Prefer a dairy-free yogurt option? Luckily, most yogurts on the market made from soy or coconut milks still have many of the same benefits, so fear not if you are lactose-intolerant or vegan.

Getting All the Tea

Whether it’s white, green or black tea, all of these options are packed full of immunity boosting antioxidants and make for a refreshing beverage any time of day.

Antioxidants found in both caffeinated and decaf teas help to destroy free radicals, which can damage cells. By doing so, it makes it easier for the immune system to fight off colds, the flu and other viruses.

While eating for immunity can help defend against viruses like COVID-19, according to the CDC, the best ways to protect yourself is to frequently wash your hands, as well as practice social distancing techniques.

Luckily, all the time indoors will give you plenty of opportunity to experiment with new meals and find new ways to strengthen your immune system from the outside in.



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