Good Things Come in Small Packages: Wellness Shots

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While they are small in size, wellness shots have been on the rise as a popular health trend. Loaded with essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, these highly concentrated shots are function-focused. Providing benefits such as detoxifying, immunity-boosting and energy-boosting, they easily could make a noticeable impact on your health routine.  Juice bars seem to keep popping up all over State College, making it easy to access these mini miracles.

Like any other aspect of your beauty and health routine, ingredients come first. Wellness shots are function-focused, meaning each ingredient it contains serves a purpose. It’s important to note that these are not meant to replace a meal, rather something you should do when you want to flood your body with a boost of nutrition. Since they are so concentrated, it’s also important that they’re taken in moderation — less is more.

VALLEY’s here to explain some popular benefits and ingredients of wellness shots, along with where you could pick up your own in State College.

Detox Shots

The purpose of a detox shot is to flush out your system, hitting the reset button on your system by ridding it of unwanted substances. Detox shot ingredients are also known for their inflammatory properties, leaving you feeling like your best self. These may come in handy when trying to fend off a hangover the morning after, flushing out your liver of the toxins alcohol may leave behind.

Ingredients to look for: activated charcoal, ginger, lemon, turmeric and cayenne.

Immunity-Boosting Shots

As the semester winds to a close and your work load picks up, it’s easy to fall behind on taking care of yourself around finals week. Boosting your immune system with a burst of vitamins and nutrients will help it combat against the dreaded end-of-the-year Penn State Plague. While these may not prevent illnesses completely, they will probably make them less severe.

Ingredients to look for: lemon, ginger, turmeric and orange.

Energy Shots

We all have those mornings when the coffee just isn’t cutting it: you’re tired and can’t seem to get going. Energy-boosting shots are a more natural alternative to your morning latte, kick-starting your metabolism by allowing your body to absorb nutrients it needs to keep you alert. Plus, you won’t experience that nasty crash that processed energy drinks can cause.

Ingredients to look for: wheatgrass, apple cider vinegar and pineapple.

Where to Find Wellness Shots in State College
  • Playa Bowls
  • Salúd Juicery
  • Frutta Bowls
  • Jamba Juice

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