Do Greens Actually Work?

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Throughout the last couple of years, greens or green powders have become very well-known in many health industries. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, people have been turning to greens to feel better, mentally and physically. Some, on the other hand, are skeptical. Do they actually work or are they creating a placebo effect? There are many who swear by it, but there are also many who don’t trust the ingredients. Keep reading to find out more!

What Are Greens?

Green powder is essentially a dietary supplement that can help even out imbalances in your stomach. It can also support your immune system and help fight sicknesses. It’s rich in vitamin C which helps your immune system build up against illnesses. Green powder can also help regulate blood pressure and strengthen eyesight. Most green powders are loaded with vitamin K, which is what can help with eyesight.

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Green powders are also often promoted as an easy way to get a day’s worth of the nutrition needed from fruits and vegetables, all in one easy drink. These supplements often contain a mix of dehydrated fruits, vegetables, grains and grasses along with specific blends of probiotics, digestive enzymes, minerals, vitamins and plant extracts. In general, most people will add around 1 tablespoon of powder with 5-10 ounces of water to make a drinkable green.

The supplement aims to help people reach their daily intake of fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals. According to the CDC, only an estimated 1 out of 10 Americans meet the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables. That’s where powdered greens come in! One scoop of green powder can contain up to two servings of fruits and vegetables, and some brands may offer even more.

Are Green Powders Good For You?
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Many manufacturers tout that their green powders provide nutritional benefits or antioxidant energy that people tend to lack. Although research on green powders is lacking, there are a few benefits that dietitians and nutritionists alike have noticed. Green powders can lead to higher energy levels, improved digestion, more robust immune function, lower blood pressure and may help prevent chronic disease. The nutrients and plant compounds that are found in these powders can overall lead to better wellness overall, when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

While green powders can provide a lot of extra nutritional benefits, they are not a substitute for whole vegetables. In their whole form, fruits and vegetables can promote fullness and prevent overeating; in this aspect, powders don’t do as well of a job. Whole fruits and vegetables also provide much more fiber, which is important for digestive and cardiovascular health.

Brands To Look For

If you want to purchase a green powder there are a handful to look out for. Brands such as Bloom and ActivatedYou are both well-known for their effectiveness.

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If you are nervous about the taste, there are, thankfully, many different flavors to choose from. Bloom has flavors such as berry, coconut, citrus and mango as well as original. Usually, people add the powder to water, but if you don’t like the taste you can try adding it to juices or even smoothies. You can also add them to different foods such as soups, homemade salad dressings, vegetable dips or even sprinkled over roasted vegetables!

When buying a green powder, consider what flavors you enjoy. It’s important to be consistent regarding how often you take your greens, as they won’t be as effective if not used properly. Try to find a flavor that you like, as you’ll be more likely to use it.

Influencer Owned Business
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Mari Llewellyn, a fitness and nutrition influencer, created Bloom to help both men and women create a lifestyle that they are happy with. Not only does her company offer greens and superfood powders, but they also have other nutritional products such as matcha, collagen powders, pre-workouts and proteins available to try. When used correctly, users have claimed they noticed various changes in relation to their gut health.

In conclusion, greens are perfect if you are looking to take your dietary health to the next level. There are multiple companies and even influencers who have many options to choose from.

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