Kin Euphorics, a New Alcohol Alternative

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Whether you’re curious about the sober lifestyle, or if you like trying new trendy drinks, Kin Euphorics is a brand to watch. Founded by Bella Hadid and Jen Batchelor in 2017, this beverage brand has been a game changer for people looking to enjoy a night out or social event without experiencing the effects of alcohol. In recent months, the “sober-curious” mentality has been talked about more and more on platforms such as TikTok, boosting Kin Euphorics’ popularity.

From decreasing your stress levels to boosting your overall mood and energy, Kin Euphorics products have a range of different effects. Depending on what activity you’re doing, it’s likely there is a product that will align with the general feeling you’re looking to achieve. If you don’t like feeling hungover or uneasy as a result of drinking alcohol, these products are great alternatives, in terms of the flavor and the overall feeling.

You may be wondering what exactly is in these drinks to provide the effects they claim. Each product is slightly different, but they all have “Key Active” ingredients. Essentially, many of these ingredients are considered to be dietary supplements. Known as adaptogens, they are used in herbal medicine to stabilize the body and promote homeostasis.

Before you commit to giving Kin Euphorics a try yourself, VALLEY took the time to try each of the three canned products, which are all sold at Ethereal Boutique in downtown State College. They each have a slightly different flavor and impact on the body, so keep reading to see which can may be right for you.

Kin Spritz
Photo posted by @kineuphorics on Instagram

Kin Spritz is said to boost your mood and energy levels, while also providing de-stressing effects. I drank a Kin Spritz can before spending time with some of my friends, and I did find myself to be more energetic than usual. This drink does contain caffeine, which I suspect is why I felt this way. The three “Key Actives” in Kin Spritz are Rhodiola Rosea, which increases energy and focus, 5-HTP, which elevates your mood, and GABA, which decreases stress levels. Aside from my increased energy, I’m not sure if I felt the other effects this drink is supposed to have, but many reviews on the Kin Euphorics website claim that this drink does help them with focus and stress.

I do admit the taste was not my favorite of the three canned drinks. On the Kin Euphorics website, the flavors are said to be ginger, orange bitters, hibiscus and citrus. This can tasted a lot like certain cocktails I’ve tried in the past, which I did find to be impressive. If you’re looking to stay sober while sipping on something with flavors mimicking certain cocktails, you’re likely to enjoy this one.

Kin Bloom
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Kin Bloom was by far my personal favorite of the three cans in regard to the taste and the feeling it gave me. I had one when I was going out with my friends one night, as an alternative to drinking, and I did feel happier and more bubbly than I would normally feel if I was sober in a similar setting. I couldn’t pin whether it’s some kind of placebo effect, but regardless, I think Kin Bloom is a drink I would repurchase.

The flavors listed on the website are strawberry, white grape, barrel oak and rosemary citrus. I liked that this drink had a fruitier flavor, in contrast to the more bitter flavor of Kin Spritz. It also reminded me a little bit of kombucha. The three “Key Actives” are Schisandra, conjuring clarity and vision, Damiana, “igniting the heart fire,” and L-Theanine, easing the body back to center. While making me feel happier, I also felt more at ease and less anxious. For people who experience anxiety when drinking alcohol, this option is an ideal alternative.

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Lightwave is pretty much exactly what it’s marketed as: a drink with a grounding calm effect. The packaging of this can was my favorite of the three, and I also enjoyed the flavor, which is said to be a mix of lavender-vanilla, smoked sea salt and passionflower. I liked how unique it was, and similarly to Kin Spritz, it reminded me of alcoholic drinks I’ve had in the past.

The three “Key Actives” in Lightwave are Reishi Mushrooms, which decreases stress, L-Theanine, which balances the mind and body, and L-Tryptophan, which creates a calming effect. I found the mushroom ingredient to be particularly interesting, since Reishi Mushrooms are commonly used in herbal medicine practices to treat illnesses such as Alzheimer disease and diabetes. I did feel generally more stable and relaxed after drinking this, which was a nice feeling after a long week of classes.

Overall, I’m not sure if the effects were placebo, but I was generally very impressed with Kin Euphorics. It’s certainly not for everyone, but I do see it as an amazing alternative if you’re trying to cut back on drinking, or if you’re completely sober. Aside from the flavors and effects, the packaging is aesthetically pleasing and fun, making it a great addition to any bar cart. In addition to the Kin Euphorics cans, you can also purchase their “Made to Mix” drinks, High Rhode and Dream Light, on their website.

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