A ShakeSmart Order for Your Zodiac Sign

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Here at VALLEY we live, laugh, love getting ShakeSmart post or pre-workout. Or you know just going to get a shake and pretending you worked out, you’re valid too. We have compiled a list of the ShakeSmart order for each zodiac sign. Astrology and gym lovers — this one’s for you!

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LEO: Pink Cadillac 

Leo’s are the queen bee of the zodiac signs and they love to be the bougie main character. What’s more of a fancy main character moment than driving in a pink Cadillac? The pink cadillac shake from ShakeSmart is a fruity blend of pitaya, pineapple, oange juice and vanilla protein. It’s a perfect addition to a Leo’s hot girl strut to class. As a natural, confident leader and dominant personality, Leo’s will enjoy the bold flavors of the pink cadillac. 

CANCER: Chocolate Frosty

Cancer’s are sweet and ruled by their hearts. They are devoted and kind to those they love. A classic sweet treat is the chocolate frosty shake from ShakeSmart. It’s there for you in your good times and bad just like a Cancer. It’s packed with 30 grams of healthy protein while also being sweet and chocolatey. Just like a Cancer it’s helpful and sweet. 

ARIES: Carrot Cake

Aries are spontaneous and courageous and can be a bit spicy. The carrot cake shake isn’t just a classic carrot juice shake it also has the bold kick of cinnamon. Aries love to be bold and tell you like it is. They have high energy just like the carrot juice and cinnamon will give you. 

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LIBRA: cookies n’ cream

The most indecisive of the zodiac signs needs a best-of-both-worlds kind of shake. They can find that in the cookies n’ cream. It’s vanilla and chocolate mixed together in a sweet blend. Libras are also diplomatic and fun just like a cookies n’ cream shake. 

TAURUS: vanilla thrilla 

Taurus’s are graceful, diligent and set in their ways. They’re a classic just like an old fashioned vanilla thrilla shake. Taurus’s are traditional and picky and one thing picky people love is plain flavors like vanilla. 

GEMINI: Fruitopia 

While Gemini’s aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, those that love them really love them. Gemini’s are extremely playful and love to juggle a lot of different passions and friendships. In the fruitopia shake there’s a large variety of flavors such as: strawberry, banana, acai and apple juice. Every Gemini can find a flavor they like in this concoction. 

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PISCES: Green Tea Matcha 

Pisces are known to be down-to-earth and sensitive. They’re also very sympathetic and imaginative. The green tea matcha shake is just that, earthy and imaginative.

AQUARIUS: Greens To Go 

An Aquarius is known to be self-reliant, calm and optimistic. The greens to go is a responsible yet fun choice. It includes spinach along with pineapple, banana and orange juice. A perfectly balanced shake for a calm sign. 


A Sagittarius is extremely optimistic, bright and compassionate. They are very flexible and adaptable. If you’re a Sagittarius try a bright and fun acai energy shake. It’ll give you energy to compliment others and laugh at your own jokes before you even say them. 

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VIRGO: Organic Supershake 

Virgos are extremely practical and with them what you see is what you get. Just like an organic supershake. It is extremely healthy with an earthy flavor. It is practical yet tasty. Plus, with Virgos desperate need for control you can customize your shake just how you want it. 

CAPRICORN: Strawberry Fields 

Capricorns are strong yet sweet and loyal. The strawberry fields shake has the strong flavor of strawberry yet sweet and classic with the vanilla protein. For the Capricorns that all grew up too fast this will awaken your hidden inner child yet satisfy your practical adult side. 

SCORPIO: Shake Your Coffee 

Scorpios are bold, powerful and very serious. The shake your coffee is a no BS bold and powerful shake with a strong coffee taste. For the Scorpio control freaks (which let’s be honest is most of you all) this shake is perfect, perfect, perfect. 

Take your hot self to the White or IM building and get yourself a shake from ShakeSmart that you know you will love. Tag us @VALLEYmag with your favorite shake order!



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