The Hierarchy of State College Pizza

Photo by Mitchell Valentin

In the late hours of the night, hundreds of students roam downtown in search of something to eat after a long night of partying. While there are lots of options open late, a lot of people tend to lean towards one popular snack: pizza.

VALLEY probably couldn’t count every pizza place in town if we tried, but we did compile a list of the four most popular late-night pizza spots. From there, we opened a poll to 100 random students, asking them to first rank these pizza places, best to worst, and then offer an explanation to their preference. The results are in, and here’s what we got:

The Best Pizza: Gumby’s

Many respondents expressed that they thought that Gumby’s was the “obvious choice.” They like the fact that Gumby’s is open super late, has both delivery and counter service, is inexpensive and of course, is home of the Pokey Stix.

Pokey Stix are a whole new level of pizza. For those of you who love Pokey Stix yet really have no clue what makes them so special, this mouth-watering explanation is for you.

First, the dough is seasoned with garlic butter and mozzarella cheese. Then, it is baked and gets another dousing of garlic butter, and a hefty sprinkle of parmesan cheese. And for those who like toppings, you can order ranch, marinara sauce or additional garlic butter on the side. Yum.

Second Place: Canyon Pizza

The runner up doesn’t come as a surprise here. Again, students like Canyon because it’s cheap (dollar slices, who doesn’t love that?) and located super conveniently right on Beaver Avenue. Like Gumby’s, Canyon also has ranch and marinara to top off your slice, but they’ve got one thing that Gumby’s doesn’t: spicy sauce.

One of our respondents summed up their love of Canyon for us, stating,

I live for Canyon. I go to Canyon every time I go out. I go out just because I know I can get Canyon on my way home.

Maybe this person is among the many who claim that a drunken slice of Canyon is simply not the same as a sober slice. Lots of our respondents said that sober slices were a complete no go.

Falling in the Ranks: College Pizza

Canyon and College fought over second and third place in our poll. College landed in third place ultimately because Canyon has better prices and is faster, and some even said that College Pizza doesn’t warm up your slice enough.

Photo by Mitchell Valentin

But, people did comment on the fact that College Pizza has a variety of pizza late night, from plain, to buffalo, to mac and cheese, whereas most of the time Canyon is just your average plain slice.

The Loser: Pizza Mia

Pizza Mia is a really small joint on Hetzel Street. Their hours fluctuate – you never know if they’ll be open when you pass. This was a huge issue for our respondents.  But many people who did have the chance to try Pizza Mia said it was the most authentic slice.

Even though Pizza Mia came in last place, definitely give it a chance if you happen to walk by when its open!


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