The Hottest Coffee Spots in State College

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No matter how long you’ve been a Penn State student or State College resident, there are always hidden gems that can be discovered. Although some of these places may be more well-known than others, VALLEY wants to make the somewhat difficult search for hidden gems a bit easier by uncovering these awesome cafés for you! 

Saint’s Cafe

Despite its smaller size, Saint’s Cafe is always full of amazing people, coffee and music. It has such a lovely, welcoming atmosphere, which is perfect for doing schoolwork or meeting up with friends to grab coffee or a snack.

The baristas are always so nice and fun to talk to, and their pastries and sweets pair so well with their amazing coffees and other drinks. Saint’s Cafe overlooks Beaver Ave, so it’s an especially bright and airy location with a great view of the people and places of State College.

After spending a few hours doing work at Saint’s, you’re guaranteed to leave feeling absolutely refreshed and more prepared for life ahead, so stop by ASAP!

Webster’s Bookstore Café

Like the name implies, Webster’s Bookstore Café is both a fantastic café and an extensive bookstore. With an eclectic and artsy vibe, Webster’s is an amazing place to hang out downtown. Although it’s an especially great place to do work, Webster’s always hosts various fun activities for students and adults alike, including tango nights and open mic nights.

Webster’s is also extremely supportive of the arts and features artists’ work as a part of the cafe’s wall decor. An entire section of the bookstore and café is dedicated to vinyl records from Josh Ferko’s Stax of Trax record shop, as well.

You absolutely have to stop in and try their amazing food and drinks, too. Webster’s offers a vegan breakfast buffet from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sundays and has so many amazing drink options. Make sure to try one of their best-sellers, the Brown Cow!

Café Lemont

A little further away from campus than both Saint’s and Webster’s, Café Lemont is located just outside of State College in Lemont, PA. It’s relaxed atmosphere makes reading, working and meeting new people natural and exciting. When it’s especially warm out, you can sit at their outdoor tables and chairs to study, eat and even pet a few dogs!

Café Lemont offers an extensive breakfast and lunch menu, and their specialty drinks are absolutely delicious. It’s quaint environment and somewhat hippie-like setting can automatically transform your attitude into a more positive and peaceful outlook. Café Lemont is the perfect place to go, if you need to take a break from the stress of the outside world.

Rothrock Coffee

Also a bit off-campus, Rothrock Coffee is located on South Atherton Street. Although it may not be as familiar of a café to students on-campus as those downtown, the small distance is absolutely worth it!

Kayla Trimble, a senior majoring in elementary and early childhood education and a frequent visitor of Rothrock Coffee, says, “Rothrock has a bright, refreshing vibe that makes me motivated even when it’s rainy outside. It’s a nice spot to grind on your work because everyone else there is focused on their work too. The baristas there make beautiful (and yummy) lattes, and their menu offers a lot of food that’s perfect to snack on while you work away!”

Rothrock Coffee even has its own coffee blends, so if you don’t have time to make it into the café, you can still make your own Rothrock coffee at home!

Definitely check out each of these amazing cafés and coffee spots, and let us know if you find any other awesome hidden gems, at @VALLEYmag!


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