Study Spots Off the Beaten Path

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When you’re crunched for cram time, the last thing you want to do is spend ten minutes lapping the library looking for somewhere to study. The HUB and Pattee Library are both great places to study, but you definitely won’t be the only one to have that idea. When one doesn’t want to deal with a crowd, there are other places on campus that are great study spaces.

Commons Buildings

Findlay, Redifer, Pollock, Waring and Warnock Commons all have lounges that are perfect for working in. Many of these lounges are specifically designed and designated for studying, so they will be quiet and comfortable. Don’t settle for the commons building for your hall, feeling stuck and cramped. Go check out a new part of campus!

Hintz Family Alumni Center

This building is as nice on the inside as it is on the outside. Best of all, it’s across from the Dunkin Donuts downtown. You can study in here from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays, and 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekends. And if you work hard enough, you can make enough money to one day have the new alumni center named after you!

Westgate Building

Formerly known as the IST building, this is past West Halls. The building has comfortable chairs facing massive windows. There’s also an Au Bon Pain inside in case you want a study snack. There are also plenty of long tables so it’s a great spot for study groups.

Schlow Library

Studying doesn’t have to be limited to on campus. Especially if you live downtown, Schlow Library (the library across from Panera) is a great place to get work done. Since it’s a few blocks off campus, you’ll get away from all of the people in the Pattee/Paterno Library while still enjoying a quiet atmosphere.

Pollock Testing Center Computer Lab

Go upstairs of the testing center to find a seriously massive computer lab. There are naturally plenty of computers and printers at your disposal. If your exam is in the Pollock Testing Center, you can study in the same place you’ll be taking the exam. Camp out the morning of your exam and study right up until test time.

Health and Human Development Building

No matter what major you are, this is a great spot to hang out and work. The interior has a cool, modern design that’s different from most buildings on campus. There’s plenty of seating and there are never many students inside. It’s right by the HUB, so if you can’t find space there, then it’s a good plan B.

Next exam, get creative with your study spot. With a campus this huge, there are plenty of places to get to work. Did we miss your favorite place? Tell VALLEY your hidden gem in the comments!


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