Study Smarter, Not Harder

Exam season is right around the corner, and with it comes countless hours spent in the library. Sure, the word itself has ‘dying’ in it, but it turns out that studying doesn’t have to be so dreadful.

Here are six ways to ensure that you ace your next exam!

Eat Brain Food

Nourishing your brain before working for hours is vital to having an efficient study session. Here are some foods high in protein and antioxidants to fuel your brain: mixed nuts, cheese, berries, apples and dark chocolate. They can all be easily tossed in your backpack to snack on while studying. If you can, try to avoid foods and drinks high in sugar and/or caffeine.

Take Breaks

It has been proven that students retain a lot more information when spacing out their studying rather than cramming in all of the material at once. There is an effective learning technique called ‘spaced repetition,’ which involves breaking information into smaller chunks and reviewing it consistently over a longer period of time.

Utilize Studying Sites & Services

Websites like Quizlet are extremely helpful when it comes to memorizing terms. If you go to Boucke 220, you can find Penn State Learning too! Penn State Learning is a free tutoring service that offers help to students with their courses.

Find a Distraction-Free Environment

Some people find that they study better with a group of friends, but most find that they need a totally quiet environment to get work done. If you find that you are this kind of person, it might be better to totally isolate yourself from distractions.

Try Your Best To Make It Fun!

Highlighters, sharpies and colored pencils can make studying a lot less stressful than it has to be. Utilize those tools to make flow charts, diagrams and even color-coded study guides to jazz up your notes.

Stay Hydrated

It’s extremely important to keep your brain hydrated when studying for hours on end. It can be easy to lose track of time while studying in the library and forget to drink water, but it’s really important that you remember so you can function at your best.

Study on, Penn State!


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