Brain Waves For Studying

We all know that studying can be the absolute worst, but VALLEY knows there is one thing that can make it just a little more bearable: music!

Not only does music block out all other distractions that can plague you at the library, like people talking, laughing or chomping on food (we all know the feeling), but it actually has proven benefits for your studying.

A study, carried out by Stanford University, determined that “music engages the areas of the brain involved with paying attention, making predictions and updating the event in memory,” also adding that “the process of listening to music could be a way that the brain sharpens its ability to anticipate events and sustain attention.”

Long story short? Music and studying complement each other like peanut butter and jelly.

Though any music can be great when it comes to focusing, classical music without lyrics has been proven to be the most helpful. This instrumental genre prevents catchy lyrics from interfering with the studying process, and it has also proven to put you in a deeper emotional state, alleviating any lingering anxiety you may have.

VALLEY has rounded up three playlists to listen to while studying … be sure to give them a listen!

1. like elevator music but cooler

This instrumental playlist of 75+ songs compiled just for you by VALLEY — from the best of Westworld composer Ramin Djawadi to tracks from electronic duo ODESZA — will be sure to help you keep your chill during your next study session.

2. Chillhop Music discography

This playlist has a never-ending list of songs with jazzy beats from lesser known artists like Evil Needle, Cloudchord and Sofasound that will keep your brain entertained for hours on end in the library.

3. Studying playlist

The third playlist is geared more toward those who aren’t distracted by non-instrumental songs, and has tracks from artists like the XX, Flume and Galamatias. This playlist is 32 hours so you definitely won’t have to worry about it stopping on you while you’re trapped in the library!

Happy studying!


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