Refinery29’s “Money Diaries” — Rewriting The Story About Money

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Growing up, many people learn the value of money at a young age. They also learn that money is a tricky topic that isn’t usually meant to be discussed. Refinery29’s “Money Diaries” is tackling the topic to create an open conversation and end the stigma surrounding wealth.

“Money Diaries” started out as an online series and was published as a book in early September 2018. The diaries set the scene by providing information about the writer’s financial status, job, debt and more. The body of the diary is a detailed account of the respective writer’s weeklong expenses.

Refinery29 is a site targeted for women and the basis behind “Money Diaries” is centered around that as well. At the beginning of each diary, it reads,

“Welcome to Money Diaries, where we’re tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money.”

While “Money Diaries” is specifically targeted toward women, they can be equally beneficial for men. The stories told throughout are interesting, but the sole purpose of each diary is to spread awareness about why the conversation about money, spending and wealth needs to happen.

The newly released “Money Diaries” book by editor Lindsey Stanberry is full of tips and advice on how to take control of your money. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of life, including “Chapter 2: Love & Money (Or How Not to Fight About $$$),” “Chapter 3: Work & Money (Or How to Make Bank)” and “Chapter 9: Home & Money (Or Will I Ever Be Able to Buy a House?)”

At the end of each chapter there is a “Financial Challenge,” a way for the reader to get more involved in their financial situation. Chapter 7’s “Zero-Dollar Day” challenge, which encourages the reader to spend as little out-of-pocket money as they can throughout the day, can really challenge readers, but it is actually much simpler than you might think.

In college, and especially here at Penn State where there are new cafés, coffee shops and smoothie shops popping up faster than ever, it’s easy to drop money on things you don’t really need. A $5 coffee from Starbucks in the morning, a $15 lunch at the HUB and a stop by Urban Outfitters on the way home from class can add up to a lot of money spent.

Although talking about money, or even thinking about it, can be a total drag for some people, “Money Diaries” provides a fresh take on how to get actively involved in your financial situation in a way that is fun, interesting and surprisingly educational.

The “Money Diaries” book is available online through Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble and more. Individual diaries can be found on the Refinery29 site.

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