Artist Spotlight: Introducing Brightplay

Photo courtesy of Brightplay

With a five-track EP and their latest single, “Psycho Love,” Brightplay is putting themselves on the musical map one day at a time. The band, comprised of the musical duo Robby and Mike from Bucks County, Pa., incorporates over six different instruments and musical techniques — from rhythm guitar to drums and everything in between — to create a unique sound for every one of their songs.

VALLEY sat down with Brightplay to learn more about the process of creating their brand new self-titled EP.

Photo courtesy of Brightplay

VALLEY: Describe the inspiration behind naming the band Brightplay.

Robby: We were just sitting there one night, desperate to have something worth using. We ended up having a long list of names written down between the two of us. Having gone down the list and nothing fitting quite well, we ended up taking half of each separate band names we made and just put it together. We weren’t very thoughtful about it, it just sort of made sense at that moment and it stuck.

V: How would you describe your sound?

Both: I guess you could categorize it as indie pop. That’s definitely a hard question because we weren’t actively saying “hey let’s make indie pop.” I think it will mostly be up to the listener to describe what kind of music it is. we just made it without any real reference to what sound we actually wanted. 

V: Who plays what instrument?

Mike: Robby and I actually alternate between each one of the instruments on the EP, taking turns playing lead guitar, bass, lead vocals, harmonies, drums and rhythm guitar.

V: Which is your favorite song on the new EP and why?

R: I like “Drift Away” because of the overall sound of the song. I really like the lyrics too, and had a very fun time mastering it with Mike.

M: I really enjoy “Temple Star.” It was really fun to record. I had a blast helping to shape that one in particular as far as percussion and lead guitar go. It’s also a great tune on its own so getting to have free range to do whatever with it made the process such a great experience.

V: What artist or artists would you say your music is influenced by?

R: The Velvet Underground, The Strokes and the band Why?

M: David Bowie, The Talking Heads, George Harrison and The Pixies. 

V: What are your biggest goals as a band?

R: We just want to create music for others. We also want to make sure we enjoy what we create and that we will be happy with it as well. 

Photo courtesy of Brightplay

V: Where do you see yourselves in 5-10 years with the band?

Both: Who knows really? We’re excited to go as long as we can and we don’t we intend to stop any time soon. I would like to imagine us playing forever, which we will regardless of public perception. We love music and I suppose we see a bright future ahead of doing it. As for what specially, I have absolutely no clue. We will just have to wait and see.

Photo courtesy of Brightplay

Brightplay would like to thank Ian Repash for recording percussion on “Floral Sheets,” their fourth song on the EP. They would also like to thank Tom Banks who helped shape the sound of  “Go Gently Into The Good Night” and “Temple Star” with his production technique and unique ideas about music.

You can stay updated with the members of Brightplay by following their Instagram account, @brightplayband, and finding their new music on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify and Soundcloud.


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