New Artist Spotlight: Introducing Attic Beats

Photo courtesy of Chad Palmer


Photo courtesy of Chad Palmer

Photo courtesy of Chad Palmer

Chad Palmer, self-proclaimed “Attic Beats,” has been creating his own tracks for the past two years. In that short amount of time, he has already taken huge strides in the musical industry—having teamed up with talented artists such as Ye, Pauline Herr and Elk, as well as having booked gigs throughout Brooklyn and State College.

Valley sat down with Chad to learn more about him and hear the latest about his success.

VALLEY: What sparked your interest in creating music?

CHAD PALMER: My dad produced music and played the drums so music was always around. We had a garage out back that he actually converted into a studio. I started making music some time around the end of high school, but only started taking it serious about two years ago.

V: How would you describe your sound?

CP: I would say its electronic, future bass, trap inspired. I’m always trying something new to make my music stand out. It can’t sound like everyone else…there’s got to be something different about it. Good music will always stand out, so that’s my goal.

V: Take me through the process of making a track… how much time goes into creating one song?

CP: It usually takes around 20 hours to make one track… some are longer than others. There’s so much that goes into creating one song…I start by writing piano chords. After that, I structure how I want the song to be. There’s the intro, verse, build, drop, breakdown, and then it kind of just repeats. After that, you have to go in and do sound design.

V: What is one track you can’t live without?

CP: You & Me by Disclosure (Flume Remix). It was one of the first songs I heard that was different…It was a new sound. I have a lot of good memories attached to it.

V: Who would be your ideal collaboration?

CP: Flume. He’s been an inspiration to me ever since I started producing. He revolutionized electronic music and set himself apart from everyone else. I’ve always looked up to him.

V: What are your career goals?

CP: I guess the ultimate goal would be to perform at Coachella or EDC Las Vegas. But for now, I’m keeping the goals small. I’m looking to go to Icon Collective next fall… It’s basically a production school in LA that I would attend for a year to help learn as much as I can about producing and really try to take my production to the next level. I would love to be able to live off making music one day.

V: What can we look forward to next?

CP: My next track is being released on Oct. 10 featuring Pauline Herr- (the same artist featured on his “Ghosts” track). I’m also being featured on a track with Türküm coming out later this fall.

Check out Attic Beats latest tracks (“Ghosts,” “Forever” & “On Your Own“) on Soundcloud and Spotify.

Catch him live Thursday nights at Envy Nightclub on College Avenue and follow @atticbeats on instagram to keep up with his latest releases.