Wake Up On The Right Side Of The Bed

Each and every morning, we are presented with a clean slate. It’s completely up to us whether we want to make the absolute most of the day, or just press snooze and roll back over. Keeping your hand off the snooze button can be tough, but doing these seven things will ensure that your mornings not only run smoothly, but pave the way for a positive and productive day.

As Hannah Montana once said, “life’s what you make it, so lets make it rock!”

1.Make your bed

Making your bed each morning seems like a simple task, but doing so creates a sense of pride (even if small) that will inspire you to complete even more tasks as the day goes on. Also, who doesn’t like diving into a perfectly made bed at the end of a long day? (Check out William McRaven’s best selling book “Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life … And Maybe The World” to learn more!)

2.Drink water

Sleeping for long periods of time naturally causes your body to dehydrate during the night, which is why it’s important to rehydrate immediately after waking up. Pour a huge glass of water and chug away! Squeeze in lemon or add cut-up cucumbers for detoxifying benefits. (Store your lemon slices in a small plastic bag to keep handy in your fridge whenever you need them!)

3. Set goals for the day

Physically jotting down your goals will make you much more likely to actually complete them. Not to mention, checking things off a list as the day goes on is both motivating and satisfying! Your daily goals can range from big to small: like something as major as completing a project/studying, to something as small as sending an email to your professor.

4. Visualize

How do you want your day to go? Keep in mind that a positive mindset makes for a positive day.

5. Eat a healthy breakfast

It really is the most important meal of the day! Eating a good breakfast is not only fuel for your brain, but a kick start to get your metabolism going for the day. Egg whites, tomatoes, spinach, avocados and yogurt are all great protein-packed foods to begin your day.

6. Work out

Even if you don’t consider yourself a morning person, try doing this at least once because you never know how much it will grow on you. Accomplishing a goal as large as working out early in the day sets a positive precedent for how the rest of the day will go. You can cross something off your list before the day has really even started!

7. Spread happiness

Always remember that your vibe attracts your tribe. There are thousands of ways to spread happiness! Keep a positive attitude when walking to and from class, smile at strangers or fellow students, text friends/family to let them know you’re thinking about them. Don’t forget the importance of random acts of kindness; complimenting a stranger, holding the door open for someone or even buying someone’s coffee can go a long way. Always remember that what goes around will always come back around!


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