What We Wish We Knew Before We Saw Mother!

Posted by Mother Movie | @motherthemovie

From tranquility to disturbance to joy to confusion to chaos, Mother! hit every emotion in the book.

Darren Aronofsky’s highly secretive film premiered last Friday and Valley had to see it for ourselves. There wasn’t much said about the movie prior to the premiere —Aronofsky wanted to keep it that way. Even Jennifer Lawrence, the lead actress, had to choose her words wisely during her cover story interview for Vogue’s 2017 September Issue. Cinematically beautiful but frustratingly confusing, Mother! left us speechless.

So what can Valley say about Mother!? We don’t want to spoil anything for you but here are a few things we wish we knew before we sat in front of the big screen.

The trailer is deceiving

Don’t let it fool you. This movie is not your classic demon-driven, shocking thriller like the trailer makes it out to be.

Don’t be afraid to laugh

For a mystery, thriller movie there is a bit of comic relief. With the confusing nature of the film, it is hard not to laugh during certain situations. Embrace it. Valley thinks it’s intentional.

With that being said, don’t expect to giggle for two hours. When we say this movie hits every kind of emotion, we are not kidding.

Pay attention to the details

You probably won’t know whats going on — but that’s OK. Trust the script and know that there will be some closure at the end. However, if you don’t focus on each character’s actions or little details in the background, you will walk out of the theatre with a lot more questions.

You’re definitely going to need to Google it when you get home

We have no shame in the fact that we needed to Google the meaning of the film as soon as we left.

“It was just all over the place and hard to follow when we were watching it,” says junior Alec DeCarlo. “But once you looked it up, it made a lot of sense.”

This movie is deep

At the surface, this film is about an isolated couple who are bombarded by uninvited guests. Then chaos ensues. While this is true, there is so much more than that. The movie is an allegory. Each character represents something bigger than themselves. Keep this in mind — there are really important messages hidden inside this story.

Please, don’t be intimated or scared by this film. We promise it won’t give you nightmares, but it will leave you reflecting on our society and your role on this planet. As complicated and intricate as it is, Valley thinks it is a must-see, even though it might take a couple of viewings to finally figure it out.