Save It for a Rainy Day: Hair Tips to Beat the Frizz

SiruWen.RainydayhairWouldn’t it be perfect if somehow we all could look just as flawless in the pouring rain as Allie did in “The Notebook”? Sadly, we instead usually end up running through the rain (alone) looking like a giant ball of frizz the second the moisture hits us.

Luckily, with the right preparation, a downpour doesn’t have to bring you down. Maintaining hair through the rain is one of Mother Nature’s biggest beauty challenges. But we’re here to help. Try these tips and hairstyles to beat the frizz:

Blow-dry moisture free

If you must blow-dry your hair before enduring the elements, make sure that your hair is 100% dry. Running your hands through your hair can be a hard habit to break, but make sure not to do it when it’s raining or humid! The oils from your hands will only make you fall victim to the frizz even faster.

Use anti-frizz product

Using just a little bit of product is the best way to tame hair. Leave some anti-frizz product in your hair before you go out and you’re set. Just remember: less is more!

Try Surf Spray

There’s absolutely no way to beat the weather, so we might as well work with it. Braid your hair when it’s wet and spritz your hair with a surf spray for perfect beachy waves (check out Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray).

Rock a braid

When there’s really no point in spending hours primping, pulling hair off to one side in a braid is the perfect solution. Whether it’s a classic or a fishtail, you’ll look put together in no time.

Try a topknot or sock bun

“If you have long hair, you have to pull it all up on rainy days,” says Amy Hunter, employee at Lipstick Salon & Color Lounge. Try a topknot or sock bun for an adorable quick fix that will get your hair out of your way. A sleek bun is the perfect go-to hairstyle for unpredictable weather.

And what about those times when it’s too late to prepare for the weather? Amy offers some advice: “If you’re stuck in the rain, let your hair dry naturally and don’t comb it when it’s wet. The rain has already taken the structure out of it.” It’s all about working with what you’ve got.

As long as you have an umbrella, rain prepared hair and a smile, we promise you’ll look like a rainy day beauty!


Photo by Siru Wen


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