6 Things You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty Spending Money On

Feeling guilty about that $50 you just spent? Understandable. We live in a world where money controls our lives. Deciding whether or not to buy something is like deciding whether or not to sell your soul to the devil. It’s a darn big commitment, especially in the cereal-for-dinner kind of lifestyle us college folk live because we can’t shed the big bucks on some expensive veggies.

But it’s time to stop being so hard on yourself! You don’t have to feel like a Dementor just sucked out your happiness, leaving you in a depressive state after you spend some money (sorry- the Harry Potter references come way too naturally to resist). Be rid of the guilt that consumes you because some things are worth it! Not everything, of course, like clothes, girls... You don’t need another $80 crop top that you will wear ONCE.

We asked students around campus their opinion about what our money is worth being spent on:

1. Trips

“Trips are worth spending the money on because you’re making memories while actually getting out and doing something you’ll remember,” says junior hospitality management major Caelyn Beissel. And hey! You can always find a cheap way to do it if you’re willing to be flexible.

2. Face lotion and foundation

“It’s important to buy good face products, like proper foundation and face lotion,” says freshman DUS major Gabby Romeo. “Your skin is important, and you need to keep it healthy.”

So, next time, buy a nicer brand that works for your skin type. Don’t forget to ask around to get some product opinions before you make the commitment!

3. Gas

“I’ll never feel guilty buying gas,” says senior biobehavioral health major Nick Critch. “You need it to get from point A to B, and there’s no way around it.” It’s a part of life, kids. Accept it.

4. Hair

“I put in a lot of time and money in to keep my hair the way I want it,” says sophomore hospitality management major Amanda Rickens. “Appearance is important,” she says. “It is worth the money because I feel better knowing it looks good,” she says.

Naturally, our hair doesn’t always look the way we want it to. Not to mention how bad a haircut can turn out if you go to a cheap salon!

5. Gifts

Gifts are a given.

”You don’t have to spend a lot of money on gifts, but it is important to always put a lot of time and effort into what you buy,” says sophomore supply chain major Kendall Kelly.

Seeing the look on someone’s face after giving them a gift makes up for the price you might have paid.

6. Running Shoes

“You can really hurt yourself if you’re not wearing supportive shoes while working out,” says sophomore biobehavioral health major Hannah Glaab. “I think new ones are necessary every year, depending on how much you wear them.”

Whatever it is you spend your money on, just be sure it is something that YOU think is worth it.


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