Are You Blinded By His Good Looks?

Biceps, blue eyes, chiseled chins, sexy abs; it’s hard to resist the sight of a beautiful man. We all know what type of boys gets our cheeks flushed and our heart pumping and we know that when we are among them we can be guilty of being completely superficial and only focusing on what the boy looks like rather than who he actually is. You may think you found yourself the boy of your dreams but are you actually  just blinded by his drop dead gorgeous looks? His smile might have shocked your ovaries into over drive but it’s time to wake up sister because if you answer yes to the questions below, his looks might be the only thing pretty about him.

1. Are you the only one who laughs at his jokes?

Yes- a big way to test to see if you are blinded by a boy’s looks is if you are the only one laughing at his jokes all the time. If he cracks a joke and the whole crowd is quiet besides you giggling like a schoolgirl, you have a problem. You are unintentional forcing yourself to find something awesome about him because someone that good looking has to have a great sense of humor right? …Right?

2. Do you find yourself leading the conversation all the time?

Yes- if all of your texts and conversations consist of you talking your brains out and him sitting there staring at you with a blank look in his eyes or just answering with one- word answers, trust me, it is not because he is just focusing really hard on what you are saying. If you could see past those beautiful oceans for eyes you would be able to tell that there is a whole lot of nothing going on in that pretty little head of his. And those one- sided conversations are because he really has nothing to say, it’s like talking to a wall, a perfect sexy wall.

3. Do you take tons of pictures together and he always crops you out of his profile picture?

Yes- you love to take couple pictures to show off the hunk that you are dating to everyone on your Facebook page, but you don’t even exist according to his social media. You are cropped out of every single Facebook profile picture and Instagram because your man knows he is super hot and doesn’t want to take any attention away from himself. He doesn’t want any other girls to see his girlfriend in his pictures because that would stop the influx of boarder line inappropriate comments he gets everyday from thirsty college girls.

4. If he has the option of not wearing a shirt, does he not wearing a shirt?

His abs are so perfect and so defined that looking at them causes your knees to turn to jell-o but have you noticed that you rarely even see him with his shirt on? You can’t tell because your eyes are glued to his muscles, but you are dating a complete tool. This type of boy is the reason “Shirts Must be Worn at all Times” signs exist on restaurant doors. He’s a tool. In fact he’s the entire tool shed.

5. Does he have horrible grades?

You know you are blinded by his looks when you find his stupidity cute. Sometimes boys can say silly comments and them not knowing what things like quinoa are can be funny and endearing. But if you find yourself always making excuses for his mental slip- ups, you’re not be aware but your boy might be brain dead. He can be Ryan Gosling hot but if you ever find yourself saying something like: “Oh you thought Paris was a country? You’re too cute.” You have a problem.

6. Is he always saying mean or rude things to you?

Yes- Red flags should be waving through the air if your boy is constantly mean or rude to you all the time. HELLO! He is mean because he can be. You always end up blaming yourself for his a-hole comments because you don’t want to break up with a boy that resembled Zac Efron. Everyone tells you he is mean but you continue you to defend him. Get yourself one of those half naked posters of Channing Tatum and throw that fish back into the sea.

7. Would he rather sit on the couch and play video games and drink the night away then do anything productive with his life?

Yes- he is just living up his college years! So you think. Actually, his life long dream and goal in life is to become a model and be on the cover of GQ in nothing but a pair of Calvins. But chances are that isn’t going to happen and he will eventually end up with a beer belly and a faint smell of Cheetos and cheap beer will hover over him where his full head of hair used to be.

If you answered yes to all or most of these questions, wake up girlfriend. Your boy might be hot, but everything about him is not. Go find yourself a nice boy because unfortunately looks are temporary.


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