7 Reasons Why Mom is the Most Important Friendship of All

While it’s important to branch out and make friends in college, there’s one relationship that we must not take for granted– the relationship we have with our mom. Although she’s no longer around to pack your lunch or sit front row at your school play, she plays just as important of a role in your life now as she has in your earlier stages of life.

Here are a few things our college-selves need to start thanking our moms for!

1. Being there with her unconditional love, and never judging you for a night where you may have gone a little to far and drank a little past your limit

2. Cheering you up instantly by sending random messages throughout the day (not that she properly knows how to text). This can range from pictures of her new haircut or a recipe she tried for the first time. Let’s face it, your opinion counts more on these things than your dads does

 3. Her constant need to make sure you have enough food in your pantry (because we all know it’ll never be as full as it is at home)

4. The way she lets you vent about not knowing if you picked the right major, the right school, or when you struggle studying for an exam

5. Somehow, even when you are hours apart, she always knows exactly where your misplaced shoes/necklace/favorite sweater is hiding

6. Badgering you about finding internships or making sure you go to the library often (it pays off in the end when you’re two steps ahead of everyone else)

7. Giving award-winning advice no matter the issue, because she has seen it all and knows you’ll be okay.

Her tough love is needed and now you’re at an age where you can appreciate it; don’t forget to thank her for all that she has done.

Next time she calls asking “when’s the last time you’ve done your laundry?”, take it for what it is. Tell her that you love her, and that there is a load of laundry in the wash as we speak.

A little white lie won’t hurt, right?


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