Cozy-fying Your Room

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Well, the weather outside may be frightful, but you can make your room look oh so delightful! With a few additions, any dorm room can be a cozy sanctuary to cuddle in during these chilly winter days.

Keeping Warm
Many students get comfy cozy for the winter with flannel sheets and lots of blankets.

“I love my flannel sheets,” says Gabrielle Yocum, a sophomore, as she proudly displays her toasty looking bed, “they have snowmen on them, so they’re festive and they keep me warm!”

Heated blankets are also popular because they provide all the heat without the bulk. Depending on the brand, the blankets often have multiple heat settings and turn off after a certain amount of time, so they’re low maintenance and safe in a dorm setting. With a variety of brands and a wide range of prices, an electric blanket is an option for any budget that boasts some serious cozy-fying power.

Adding Holiday Cheer
Another way to make your dorm room cozy this winter is to decorate for the holidays! For not very much money at all, you can give your dorm room some small, festive touches that give it that extra homey feel.

Kristen Richers, a junior, has gone all out on her room this year. With a door wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper complete with a big bow and a decorated stocking for her and her roommate, gold ornaments hanging from her ceiling and a special “What I want for Christmas” board on which people have written what they want most this year, her room practically screams festive.

“I love making my room festive for the holidays, it makes it feel more like home and definitely makes me feel better knowing I have such a cute room to come home to,” Richers says.

“The board is my favorite, though. Everyone has been writing such funny things on it, and I think it brings the girls on my floor closer because we can all write on it and read what other people have written.”

Perhaps the best part of decorating for the holidays, though, is that you can make it personal. You can decorate your room according to your beliefs and your artistic ability. If you don’t feel like going all out to decorate your room, you can easily amp up the coziness with some wintry window stick-ons or holiday lights. If you feel like being the next Martha Stewart, you can cut out your own snowflakes, add tinsel or even decorate a mini Christmas tree if you celebrate Christmas.

It’s amazing how much more comfy and cozy a room looks with a few decorations and a warm blanket, so make your room a place you want to come home to this winter and give these tips a try!

Photo by Kylin Chen

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