Study in Style: The Best Study Spots Around Campus

Photo from Ava Brett

It has been a while since students have been able to fully take advantage of study spaces around the Penn State campus. VALLEY is here to share some brand new spaces and some classic spaces, that are perfect for getting your study on this school year. Grab your study materials and head to one of these study perfect spots to get your work done.

Old Main Lawn

Old Main is, of course, considered a classic place to hit the books. Penn State students can be found with their homework spread all over a picnic blanket, while their peers are doing yoga or playing football throughout the rest of the large open area. It’s a lively — yet relaxing — area for getting work done.

Donald P. Bellisario Media Center
Photo courtesy of Ava Brett

The Willard Building had a serious facelift throughout the pandemic. The end result is a beautiful new addition to the building dubbed the “Donald P. Bellisario Media Center.” The renovations have introduced an abundant amount of sleek study spaces and private meeting rooms. When everything around you looks this good, you’ll have motivation to get work done.

New(ish): Collaboration Commons
Photo courtesy of Ava Brett

While the Collaboration Commons is no longer brand-spanking new, the stylish scenery and the nice layout allows for the perfect space for both individual and group assignments. Not to mention, it’s just a quick dash to the Starbucks in the library.

Classic: HUB
Photo courtesy of Ava Brett

The HUB reigns supreme when it comes to the best study spots on campus. All the food options you can possibly dream of and a Starbucks for those early morning and late night pick-me-ups. The HUB stairs are a coveted location throughout the student body, so if you see a spot on those stairs don’t wait too long to snatch it up.

Which study spots are you most excited to test out? Did we miss any popular spots on campus that deserve a spot on this list? Tweet us, @VALLEYmag, with your studying recommendations!



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