Kah’sier Taylor: Exploring Passions and Finding Balance

Photo courtesy of Kah'sier Taylor-Dickey

College is one of the best times to indulge in your passions, discover what you truly want out of life and find what makes you happy. Especially at Penn State, there are seemingly unlimited options when it comes to majors, minors and extracurricular activities. No matter what your career goals, hobbies and interests are, there are ways to incorporate all of your passions into your college experience.

Photo courtesy of Kah’sier Taylor

Kah’sier Taylor, a rising Penn State sophomore, is the perfect example of someone who is using his time at Penn State to not only work toward his future career but also to explore his other interests in the process.

Kah’sier is currently in the nursing program at Penn State, but he also has a love for fashion and design. Even though nursing is a notoriously competitive and time-consuming major, he has found ways to balance and pursue his various passions.

“While taking nursing courses and requirements, I am also trying to stay involved in clubs like Fashion Society and working on graphic photoshop designs on the side, in which hopefully I can become more involved with these two in the future,” says Kah’sier.

During his freshman year of high school, Kah’sier took a photoshop class, and by his senior year, he was spending time on Youtube looking at photoshop tutorials. He slowly learned on his own and is now trying to shape his own style.

Kah’sier believes that through exploring different options, you will gain more insight into what actually brings you happiness, which you can use to formulate your own unique style.

Along with his involvement in Fashion Society, Kah’sier also hopes to bring more fashion-related activities to campus.

“At Penn State, I would like to incorporate more fashion-related programs that deal with fashion shows, designing collaborations/mockups, trips that embrace fashion exposure and more events that bring fashion to the forefront of our school,” says Kah’sier.

He believes that many people have an untapped love for fashion that they often do not embrace. He thinks that if more people had a positive view of it instead of viewing it as an unsteady career, more kids would get involved.

Photo courtesy of Kah’sier Taylor

“If we incorporate more programs to broaden kid’s views on what they can do in the future, then maybe we would have more fashion people or people doing posters, graphic designs, T-shirt designs. That’s kind of what I’m pushing for as well in the future to get more programs here,” said Kah’sier.

When it comes to his own style, Kah’sier’s fashion icons include Luka Sabbat, Alton Mason, Brent Faiyaz, Tyler the Creator, Sarah Snyder, and Aleali May. He originally got into fashion through music, culture, and shows. People like Kanye West and A$AP Rocky especially helped him form his love for the industry.

“My style is very much laid back and nonchalant in its own way. I like to incorporate different styles of streetwear and casual wear with comfortability, while also trying out different color schemes here and there,” Kah’sier says.

Even though Kah’sier is clearly well versed in style and the fashion world, his love for science was one of the things that originally inspired him to pursue a career in nursing.

“Hopefully, I plan to become a Registered Nurse (RN) then move on to become a Nurse Practitioner (NP). I’ve always had an interest in science throughout school and have always had the drive to try and help people in that field, so nursing became a no brainer when choosing my major,” Kah’sier says.

Underrepresentation in the field of nursing is another component that inspired him to pursue this career path.

Photo courtesy of Kah’sier Taylor

“I feel like there’s an underrepresentation of males in the nursing field. There’s also an underrepresentation of black males in the nursing field as well. I feel like bringing that face and that figure to the field will also provide more comfort to people,” Kah’sier says.

Kah’sier also likes the stability of working as a nurse, which will allow him to be involved with fashion and design on the side.

In terms of where he sees himself in 10 years, Kah’sier says, “In 10 years I don’t know where I exactly see myself for the possibilities of life are endless, but I hope to be happy and comfortable in my own space and living without any feelings of regret, worries or doubt.”

With Kah’sier’s willingness to dive right into his passions and express himself through both healthcare and fashion, there’s no doubt that he will make an impact during his four years at Penn State.

“Just go for it, no one really knows what you want besides yourself. If you possess the tenacity and willpower to achieve your goals, nothing will stop you. Just imagine if Michael Jordan was too scared to pick up a basketball,” Kah’sier says.


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