Throwing A Halloween Party In Your College Pad

Moving into an apartment or living in a dorm is fun, yet size can be an issue especially when having people over. Plus, the college budget factors into the equation. As Halloween approaches, don’t let the size of your space or your wallet prevent you from throwing an awesome Halloween party. There are plenty of places close to Penn State that make having a Halloween party easier for a college student then you might think. So, get your spook on and throw a creepy party this season.


There are plenty of places around State College that will have the spooky stuff you’re looking for. Target is always a must. The dollar spot has decorative signs, ceramics, candles, lights, socks, unicorn headbands– you name it they will probably have it there. When thinking about decorations this is a great first destination because of the affordable, festive items. Many of the decorations can be seen as an investment, too, because chances are you can save them for next year! The only thing about the dollar stop is, you can’t always see what they have online. So, go in and get what they may have left!

Of course, Target has much more than the dollar spot. They have plenty of Halloween decorations and decor to add to any spooky event. Grab some skeleton lights, pumpkin lights or ghosts lights for $10, or go for the mini orange string lights for $4. Maybe go for a creepier why to light the night and get a candelabra for $14.40.

Party City

Party City will have great costumes, but they also have the supplies you need to put on your Halloween party. Get plain orange and black plates, forks, napkins, table covers and cups or go for the Halloween-themed tableware.

If you plan to go crazy with Halloween decorations, Party City is the place to look. For $0.99, “spider web” decorations are a subtle touch that can be used all over your space.

Going for a scary theme? Ceiling decorations like a bloody weapon garland for $9.99 or fake, black chandeliers for $4.99 can add that creepy touch that totally freak out your guests. For a less freaky vibe, stick with Halloween paper lanterns for $7.99 or festive caution tape to wrap all over the place for only $0.99. Whatever super spooky theme you are looking for, Party City can make it happen on any budget for any space.


Everyone goes to Walmart looking for a good deal, so it is no surprise that they have great Halloween finds. Taking a look online, they will tell you what is in store, available for two-day shipping or can be picked up in the store. If you are looking for something soon, they will be able to tell you if they have it or when you can get it.

Ever think about getting a projection as Halloween decor? Well, you might want to give it a try. Walmart’s online store has Halloween-themed projection lights, like “Boo!” and a Jack-O-Latern face, and some are as cheap as $4.97! This is not only a great addition to your decorations, but it requires no clean up. Go big and get the illusion projector, which has six Halloween-themed slides. It’s $10.98 and will definitely be something you can use every Halloween.  

If you are really trying to go over-the-top creepy, they have a wooden coffin. No, it’s not a joke. They have a black wooden coffin, made for a mummy, for $25.77 and free pick up in store. If you are trying to spook someone, just imagine their face when you pop out of this prop.


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