The “Who’s Who” on 2020 Presidential Candidates Thus Far

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It seems like almost every day, a new candidate announces their campaign for the 2020 presidential election. With the current pool of contenders at 14, and many still expected to declare, keeping this increasingly diverse group of candidates straight is becoming a difficult task.

Lucky for you, VALLEY is here to provide you with a guide of presidential candidates who will be taking to the primaries come next year, along with their campaign platforms.

Cory Booker, Senator from New Jersey (D)

Senator Booker is known for his advocacy for criminal justice reform, but is likely to focus his campaign on unifying the country.

Pete Buttigieg, Mayor of South Bend, Indiana (D)

Buttigieg is focusing on his perspective as a candidate from a younger generation by advocating for policies related to climate change and economic opportunity.

Julián Castro, Former Housing Secretary, Former Mayor of San Antonio, Texas (D)

Castro has built his platform on universal pre-K, “medicare for all” and immigration reform.

John Delaney, Former Congressman from Maryland (D)

Delaney has centered his campaign on serving as a “bipartisan problem solver,” but has also supported more traditionally liberal policies such as universal health care.

Tulsi Gabbard, Congresswoman from Hawaii (D)

Representative Gabbard, a veteran, has a campaign platform of reduced military intervention overseas, including in Syria.

Kirsten Gillibrand, Senator from New York (D)

Senator Gillibrand has put women’s rights at the center of her campaign, focusing on both equality and opportunity.

Kamala Harris, Senator from California (D)

Senator Harris is considered a front-runner on the democratic side, supporting middle-class tax cuts and advocating on behalf of civil rights issues.

Amy Klobuchar, Senator from Minnesota (D)

Senator Klobuchar has chosen to focus her campaign on the opioid crisis, drug addiction and prescription drug prices.

Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont (D)

Sanders’ campaign platform gained lots of traction in 2016, and he will strike a similar tone in 2020, calling for “medicare for all,” free college tuition and lessening the influence of Wall Street.

Elizabeth Warren, Senator from Massachusetts (D)

Senator Warren is considered another democratic front-runner for 2020, with a large emphasis on income equality for the middle class.

Marianne Williamson, Self-Help Author, New Age Lecturer (D)

Williamson is proposing $100 billion in reparations from slavery, with some of this funding going to various economic and educational projects.

Andrew Yang, Former Tech Executive (D)

Yang’s main platform is the establishment of a universal income of $1000 a month for all Americans.

William F. Weld, Former Governor of Massachusetts (R)

Weld is looking to challenge President Trump for the republican ticket, supporting free trade, immigration reform and even the legalization of marijuana.

It’s very clear that Donald Trump will have many contenders come 2020, with this list of candidates expected to grow even more. As this pool continues to grow over the next year, make sure you do your research so you are in the know by the time voting comes around next November.


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